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LinkedIn revamps its Pulse news reader app to bring you news powered by the professional world

by: Jimmy WestenbergJune 17, 2015
LinkedIn has just released a much-needed update to its Pulse news reader app, bringing a refreshed design and news that's tailored to your career.
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LinkedIn acquires news reading service Pulse for $90 million

by: Andrew RoachApril 12, 2013
Not content with dominating its niche, the business-orientated network LinkedIn is looking to expand its horizon by purchasing the news app Pulse.
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LinkedIn reportedly looking at buying Pulse news reader

by: Brad WardMarch 12, 2013
AllThingsD reports that LinkedIn is ready to buy the increasingly popular Pulse news reader. Will this affect the quality of the app in the future?
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Pulse adds support for social network feeds

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 15, 2013
Pulse has launched a new update which adds support for Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube social media feeds. Now you can view all your news and social updates without having to change apps.
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News app Pulse gets a sleeker interface and lots of new features

by: Bams SadewoNovember 9, 2012
Everyone’s favorite news reader app, Pulse, has been given a major update. Not only does it look easier on the eyes, but version 3.0 of the Android app also brings along some new features. From unlimited pages, to infinite scrolling -- and more.
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Web version of Pulse now available

by: Andrew GrushAugust 9, 2012

When it comes to mobile newsreaders, there are few options better than Pulse. Up until now only Android and iOS users had the privilege of using Pulse but the new web-based version changes all that for the better.

Now Windows Phone, Blackberry, and basically any platform with a web-connection can get their hands on the web app. For those mobile and desktop users that decide to utilize the web-version, you’ll find all the great features you’d expect from Pulse, in addition to a few new features as well.

The web-app has a nice layout designed to work with all the latest web-technologies out there and is clearly being focused [...]

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Google Currents will be pre-installed on all Jelly Bean devices

by: LucianJuly 2, 2012

Chrome won’t be the only app coming pre-installed with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, although Chrome is actually meant to replace the stock Android browser, while Google Currents will be added to all the other Google apps, such as Gmail, Maps, Play Store, and so on.

Google Currents is kind of a hybrid between a RSS reader and a social reader, much like Flipboard, although Flipboard started as just a social reader, pulling articles from your friends’ streams, and only later added RSS support. Google Currents was developed as an alternative to Flipboard, because Flipboard was taking its sweet time arriving on Android. Plus, the team behind it rejected a acquisition [...]

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Google Is Preparing a Flipboard Competitor for Android

by: LucianSeptember 19, 2011

Flipboard has long been considered the best social and news reader app on the iPad, and they haven’t announced any plans to come to Android, or at least not any time soon. So Google decided to buy them last year. But they rejected Google’s offer, so obviously Google decided to build their own app instead for Android tablets and smartphones (and probably for iOS later, too).

Robert Scoble posted this on Google+ earlier:

“I heard from someone working with Google that Google is working on a Flipboard competitor for both Android and iPad,” posted Scoble. “My source says that the versions he’s seen so far are mind-blowing good.”

There is already a [...]

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The Best Games & Apps For Your Android Honeycomb Tablet

by: glennApril 12, 2011

Getting a tablet that runs Android is neat, but to really make the most out of your new Honeycomb-fueled wonder device, you need to run apps built specially for it. The blown-up look of regular apps won’t cut it, plus you need the best apps to really crank up the gadget envy from your friends and co-workers. Here are a few apps that both make excellent use of the greater screen real estate as well as taking good advantage of the extra Tegra 2 dual-core horsepower of your new tablet.

The Best Games for Honeycomb Tablets AirAttack HD (lite version, £1.79 to buy) 

This game really wows with real-time 3D graphics, eye-popping backdrops and lots of neat details like [...]

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T-Mobile Hungary bring Android 2.1 to Huawei Pulse

by: James TromansMay 31, 2010

Huawei Pulse to get 2.1

Android 2.2 is hot news right now, and it is quite possibly the first version of Android which really hits the spot for all the different types of people out there that demand slightly different things from their smartphone. Nonetheless, plenty of Android phones are still running much older iterations of the little green robot. Indeed, Android fragmentation has been a hot topic for a while now. A number of entry level devices are still running on Android 1.6 so it is great news when we hear of one upgrading.

The Huawei Pulse is alleged to receive an upgrade to Android 2.1 via T-Mobile Hungary. This news comes to us via [...]

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