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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: Why?

by Joshua Vergara 2 days ago0 comments

Here’s how we’re already living in 1984

by Adam Sinicki 2 days ago0 comments

Are smartphones still getting faster? Does Moore’s law still apply?

by Adam Sinicki 3 days ago0 comments

The history of Android OS: its name, origin and more

by John Callaham 5 days ago0 comments
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Google Glass Enterprise Edition prototype appears on eBay

Great Glasses! A prototype of Google's unreleased Glass Enterprise Edition has found its way to a pawn shop, and is now being auctioned on eBay. Let's look!
by Matthew BensonMarch 20, 20167

The Kyocera Proteus is a shape shifting flexible smartphone

At Japan's CEATEC, Kyocera showed of the Proteus, a prototype of flexible smartphone that can transform into a 3 form factors allowing for a variety of uses.
by Matthew BensonOctober 31, 201426

Onyx E Ink smartphone in the works, promises one week battery life (video)

If you ever wondered how would an E Ink smartphone look like, we have some answers for you today. In short, it looks pretty cool yet kind of quirky, exciting, but limited.
by AdrianOctober 19, 201214

Video: Universal Microelectronics videophone and MID prototype

UMEC Android videophone Taiwanese electronics company Universal Microelectronics, or UMEC for short, has an interesting looking videophone on display ...
by James TromansSeptember 7, 2009172

Android netbooks: i-Buddy and Skytone

SkyTone Android Netbook There seem to be at least two Android based netbooks knocking around at the moment. We have information on both the i-Buddie ...
by James TromansApril 21, 2009180

The HTC Dream goes out for a walk on a sunny day

Well, photos like these are to be expected now that the official release of the G1 is only days away. So here you have it – has ...
by Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 19, 20083429

Possible HTC Dream running Android seen in video

This is far from a sure thing, but a device that could be the HTC Dream has been caught on video running Android. This white smartphone in the video looks the part of what we have ...
by Darcy LaCouveeAugust 10, 2008473
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