ZTE SPro 2 Review

by 1 month ago
ZTE S Pro 2-17

What does the second iteration of ZTE’s portable projector and Wi-Fi hotspot combo have to offer? We find out, in this comprehensive ZTE SPro 2 review!

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

Although Samsung has finally managed to get the Galaxy Beam out in several markets worldwide after having some mysterious production issues, the Android projector-phones revolution which we... predicted more than a year ago hasn’t quite started.

The initial level of interest surrounding the Beam, the first commercial Android phone with a built-in pico-projector, hasn’t been very...


Although it was supposed to start selling in the UK more than three weeks ago, the Samsung Galaxy Beam phone/pico projector is only now up for grabs for the wide public. We don’t know exactly... what was the problem with Expansys’ stocks at the beginning of the month, but what we do know is that at least 15 unlucky tech users who didn’t manage to get a Beam then can do so now.


Asus notebook projector

We’ve been talking here on Android Authority about how much we’d like to see smartphones and tablets featuring projectors for years (literally!), but unfortunately... the technology advancements in this area have been very slow.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Beam smartphone with a built-in nHD projector back in February, but the Gingerbread-running little guy...