Will your next Android be wearable?

by 1 year ago

Do you think that wearable devices, whether it’s glasses, watches, or clothing, could be the next big thing in tech? Would you replace your smartphone with a wearable Android device?

Possible Google Glass details and specs emerge

by 1 year ago

From sweet baby story to how cool/scary the future can be, Google Glass has given us geeks – and apparently Google’s CEO himself – things to be excited about. Lucky folks who attended Google I/O 2012 and were given the chance to pre-order the Google Glass Explorer Edition for the princely sum of $1,500 know that the device can take pictures and stream video, but it’s still not clear what else they can look forward to when they open the package come 2013. Here’s the latest scoop on Google Glass, as shared by a developer that was invited to a recent Google Glass…

Google Glass Explorer Edition pre-order available for $1,500

by 2 years ago

One of the topics Google shared more details about during yesterday’s keynote was Google Glasses, also known as Project Glass, or smart glasses capable of offering advanced features to users, while on the go. Essentially, Google Glasses are wearable computers and come equipped with a camera that can be used to take pictures and record videos, and a heads up display, which can be used to show relevant information during day-to-day activities. Other features include a variety of sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass) and radios that should come in handy. Naturally, developers will be able to create apps specifically designed for…

Google I/O 2012 preview – what is Google going to unveil?

by 2 years ago

This year’s edition of Google’s annual developer conference takes place in San Francisco during June 27-29, a bit later than in previous years, when Google I/O was held at some point in May. Nevertheless, Google I/O 2012 is going to be quite interesting as we expect to see plenty of announcements during the keynotes. We think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect this week from Google’s event, and we’re about to share it with you. Google Nexus 7 We have exclusively confirmed a few weeks ago during Computex that Google’s first Nexus-branded tablet, and first Android tablet…

Google’s glasses look incredible and already face intense competition – analyst

by 2 years ago

From a skunkworks project developed in the secretive Google X labs, the rumored “Google Glasses” have stepped out of the shadows and  right into the limelight. Dubbed Project Glass, Google is developing eyewear with HUD (Heads up display) display technology in an attempt to deliver real-time information right in the user’s field of vision. If this device functions as promised in the project’s unveiling video, it is likely to radically revolutionize mobile communication as we know it. Some of the expected features of the device are: It uses a small see-through display placed above the wearer’s eye that will show…

Google Glasses are closer to reality than ever [Video!]

by 2 years ago

Google have released a fabulous video to get us pumped up and excited for Project Glass: Google’s augmented reality glasses. To be honest, it’s worked on me. I want a pair of these right now! Augmented reality is the concept of altering or overlaying what we see. If these glasses are one day released to the public, we could all be comfortably reading the news as we walk to work, or watching a video without having to tilt our heads down. It’s an amazing concept, and one that Google hope to formally demonstrate by the end of the year. As…