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Using the first Android smartphone I owned in 2017

by Lanh Nguyen 2 days ago0 comments

Android Instant Apps: what do they mean for users and developers?

by Adam Sinicki 4 days ago8 comments
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Google faces fines in France over user data policy

In france, a watchdog group called the “National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties”, or CNIL, has pointed out in as statement that Google is preventing users from “knowing ...
by Nate SwannerJune 20, 2013

Privacy commissioners from around the world write to Google to get more details on Glass

Government privacy officials from six countries, including Canada, have written to Google asking for more details about its new wearable smart device. What can Google do to help ...
by Gary SimsJune 20, 20133

CyanogenMod founder wants to help protect your data with incognito mode for Android

Steve Kondik, founder of the popular CyanogenMod ROM, is creating an incognito mode for Android to help protect user data from prying applications. Read on for more details!
by Robert TriggsJune 12, 20137

Now that Google Glass has been rooted what are the security challenges and privacy issues?

The problem is that Google Glass hears and sees everything you do. In a worse case scenario a hacked version of Google Glass can store and transmit everything you see and hear to a ...
by Gary SimsMay 1, 20132

Open source OSes at bigger risk of spying?

Are open source OSes secure because you can scrutinize their source code, or are these risky because malicious entities can insert spyware into the code?
by J. Angelo RacomaApril 24, 20137

New Google Wallet Merchant Center addresses privacy concerns

Google has started to role out a new version of its Google Wallet Merchant Center that addresses recent privacy concerns.
by Gary SimsApril 23, 20131

Eric Schmidt’s secret interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

What happens when two of the biggest names in world of privacy come together to break bread and discuss just what exactly makes the world go round? You’d like to be a fly on the wall in ...
by AA StaffApril 21, 20138

Should you worry about your online and mobile privacy?

Malware and spyware are not the only big privacy concerns today. Even search engines, social networks and carriers might be storing and selling our data. How concerned should you be ...
by Mike AndriciApril 19, 201314

Google unveils Inactive Account Manager to handle data after inactivity periods or death

Google unveiled a new feature for Google accounts, the Inactive Account Manager which will help you control what happens to your data when your account goes inactive.
by Brendan LynchApril 11, 20133

Facebook Home privacy explained by social network

In a blog post, Facebook answered various questions related to its new Facebook Home user interface for Android.
by Chris SmithApril 5, 20132
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