New System Allows London Police to Instantly Download Your Phone Data

London Metropolitan Police
by 2 years ago

For those afraid that our right to personal privacy is slowly disappearing, there’s a new example of law enforcement procedure to support that concern. If you’re suspected of a crime or arrested in London, Metropolitan Police now has a new system enabling them to almost instantly extract data from your mobile device. The new system, carried out with a device called ACESO, is supplied by UK mobile forensics company Radio Tactics. Metropolitan Police authorities will use the system to download all call log, photo, video, social media, and text message information on phones. Previously, phones had to be sent to…

Over half of 3rd party Android in-app ad libraries have privacy issues and possible security holes

by 2 years ago

A new study by a group of researchers from the Department of Computer Science at the North Carolina State University has discovered that more than half of the ad libraries used by Android developers pose security risks and raise privacy concerns because of  the questionable types of data they collect. The team studied 100,000 apps from Google Play and identified 100 different 3rd party in-app ad libraries commonly used by Android app developers. Further research into the ad libraries themselves showed that many contained inherent privacy and security risks ranging from uploading private information to remote servers to executing untrusted…

Google wants to listen to everything you do, so it can deliver nicer ads. Creepy? Naaah…

Google patent
by 2 years ago

One of the more fascinating aspects about the movie Minority Report (2002) (apart from the futuristic cars and inner city road system) was how billboard advertisements did a retina scan of passers by and tailored the ad to suit the watcher’s requirements. The movie takes place in the year 2054 A.D., but with Google’s latest patent application, we may be closer to this future than most would think. The patent is titled “Advertising based on environmental conditions.” A short summary of the patent: information about the environmental conditions of a remote device is received, then an advertisement is identified based on…

Survey: people don’t like personalized results and search tracking. Or do they?

google search
by 2 years ago

Over the last few weeks, privacy has been a hot topic of debate in tech circles, a debate spurred by several high profile issues involving private data, from your location and contact lists, to the pictures on your smartphone. Just to recap, we have Apple’s “Locationgate”, Path’s contact list uploading, and the bug on iOS/feature on Android that let apps access the photos on your SD card without consent. Another significant development came when Google updated and unified the privacy policies of dozens of its products, claiming the right to track your information across all its products, in order to…

Does Android’s Open Source Status Make it Better in Terms of Privacy?

by 2 years ago

A quick look at the mobile device marketplace will only reveal one significant open source operating system that is used on phones and tablets. That is of course Android. The rest like iOS or Windows Phone 7 are proprietary, closed source platforms. It is impossible to tell what software is actually running on your phone, and what the phone is processing and analyzing in the background. A good example of this is the iPhone “Locationgate” scandal that erupted in the middle of last year. It was discovered that iOS 4 was collecting Wi-Fi hot spot and cell tower information and storing it on the…