Sony Xperia L Review

by on June 8, 2013 1:01 am

How much do aesthetics matter? Is this enough to keep the Sony Xperia L afloat in a sea of midrange competition? Find out in our review.

Playstation Mobile

The new PlayStation Mobile was finally launched in October, bringing Sony’s treasure trove of games to certified Android devices. Aside from the obvious, the mobile gaming platform should theoretically run on several HTC and Sharp phones as well. If your device isn’t supported, here’s how to get in on the PS gaming fun.


Sony’s PlayStation Mobile will be open for business on the Android platform from October 3. It’s basically a section in the PlayStation Store which Sony will use to sell a hand-picked selection of “bite-sized games” for Android smartphones and tablets.


G4TV Android gamers yearning for a Sony gaming handset weren’t exactly pleased when all they got was the Xperia Play. The Play wasn’t a completely bad phone-portable console hybrid at all, but the specs just weren’t as good as expected. While Sony quickly tried to sweep the Xperia Play under the rug…