Alibaba maintains Aliyun’s legitimacy, but agrees with app piracy accusations

by 1 year ago

There is nothing wrong with making and releasing forks of Android, such as what Amazon does, but it’s not a part of the OHA. Acer is and thus far, it has used the inner workings of Android, namely the Android runtime, framework and tools. Aliyun is then, by logic, an incompatible fork of Android, without express permission of Google and is breaking the rules of OHA membership.

FBI cracking down on Android piracy, three ‘black markets’ seized

by 1 year ago

Calm down, we haven’t done anything wrong. But it seems developers aren’t the only ones who are paying attention to the discourse on piracy on Android, which some put down to the open-source nature of the platform. The Federal Bureau of Investigation — alongside other law enforcement officials — has taken what is said to be the first ever action against websites that offer illegal copies of Android apps.

Fake Infinity Blade 2 app briefly live on Google Play – do we need some (tiny) walls for our garden?

fake infinity blade android
by 1 year ago

Another blemish on the reputation of the Google Play Store – a fake Infinity Blade 2 app went live on the Play store on July 28, and accrued more than 1000 downloads before being taken down. The fake application, a 2.2 MB APK, prompted users to earn 50 points on Tapjoy (paid ad clicks) in order to unlock the full game download. Some users reported that the download never became available, while others said that the 1.03GB file was just “junk”. The app was published by “2011 Chair Entertainment Group LLC” (the developer of the real iOS game is Chair…

Wind-up Kinght developer: Piracy rates on iOS and Android are comparable, China is the main source

by 1 year ago

Although Wind-up Knight is arguably one of the most entertaining 3D games on Android, piracy has had little effect on the company’s fortunes. In fact the developer behind it says that while on Android the piracy rate is about only 12%, on iOS it’s about 15%, and when it was a paid app on iOS, the piracy rate was as high as 80%. That seems almost unbelievable to those of us who are constantly fed the message that the Android ecosystem is plagued by piracy because of app sideloading and of the open nature of Android, which allows for easier…

Dead Trigger is free because of “unbelievably high” piracy rate in the Android ecosystem

by 2 years ago

  Dead Trigger, a popular zombie-killing game made by Madfinger Games (the creators of Shadowgun), has been recently updated to offer more interesting content, but it also made available as a free download from the Google Play store. The game used to cost just $0.99, but the company decided to make it available free of charge to interested gamers. The reason for such generosity? Simply put, “unbelievably high” piracy of the game, even if it only used to cost a dollar to buy. The statement comes straight from the game maker, which posted it on its Facebook page to explain…