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Scalado Album: Alternative image gallery app with awesome UI

by: Carl ParkerMay 7, 2012

We’ve slowly been discarding our heavier digital cameras for the portability of our Android mobile devices and with the increasing power of today’s cameras, it isn’t difficult to unleash our inner shutterbug and snap a shot at every turn. After all, who wants to lose her or his precious moments?

But, the more pictures we snap, the slower it’ll take to load them. Instead of reminiscing as you flip through your photos, you’ll feel frustrated at how slow each image is loading. One app however has been causing a stir for its superior gallery performance and clean and smooth user experience–Scalado Album.

Scalado Album, [...]

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Fun Android photo apps

by: Ken EastMay 3, 2012

If you love making a serious picture funny or a funny picture hilarious then you’ll love the apps we’ve got for you today. Add a moustache to your mom’s face, or warp your teacher’s face. You can even paste your face on a celebrity’s body for extra laughs.

We’ve put together some of the funniest photo apps that you can find on the Google Play Store to keep you amused and to give personal touches to your photos.

Camera Fun Free

The first app on our list is the Camera Fun Free app. What makes this app fun to use is that you can apply different photo effect lenses to capture your photos. You don’t need to capture a [...]

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Best retro photo apps for Android

by: Carl ParkerApril 30, 2012

Rummaging through your parent’s albums, or your own childhood pictures, can be a great trip down memory lane. A picture truly speaks a thousand words when it’s been hidden away and subjected to the natural process of aging.

With how popular the vintage feel is nowadays, to combat the crispness and vividness of digital cameras with images that will never go old, it’s no surprise that teenagers and young adults are scrambling for old-school cameras. But, if you can’t find an old-school camera in your vicinity, or you can’t be arsed to hunt one down, then do a quick search in the Google Play Store and be surprised at the number of camera apps [...]

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Best photographer’s kit Android apps

by: Carl ParkerApril 29, 2012

With the specs mobile device cameras are packing nowadays, people can travel light and leave the clunky digital camera at home. The best camera, after all, is the camera with us. There’s certainly no shortage of camera applications on the Google Play Store, but for the discerning photographer, only the best gets to take their shots.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most loved camera and photo-editing apps so you won’t have to wait to get on your computer to augment and adjust your shots.

Photaf Panorama

It’s hard to capture the beauty of a sprawling cityscape or beach if you’ve got to take several pictures and stitch [...]

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Top free photography Android apps you’ll love

by: Alvin YbañezApril 28, 2012

Our Android phones are equipped with cameras and come pre-loaded with a default camera app. But, with the presence of Google Play Store, there are third-party applications that can boost your camera’s performance. With these third-party application installed, you can do some neat stuff that a default camera app can’t offer. These apps can let you make a collage, edit your photos, add some neat stuff, and many more.

In this app list, we will be listing the top 10 best free photography apps for your Android phone. The listed apps are ranked according to their star rating and user reviews. What’s best is that these apps are all free. So, without any [...]

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Ovoto: Sharing photos and polling your Facebook and Twitter friends

by: Carl ParkerApril 21, 2012

If you’ve ever been caught in a dilemma, you’ll know that calling up a friend or a relative is the best way to resolve it. Instead of standing there, waffling over an item to purchase or an item to wear, it’s so much easier to ask someone for her or his opinion. But, if the person isn’t with you, how can he or she properly analyze your dilemma? You could send the person a picture of the item, but what if you wanted more than one friend’s opinion? For situations like that, there’s Ovoto.

Ovoto, developed by HayStaks, was first introduced on the iOS and has recently arrived on Android. It’s a free Android app that allows [...]

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HoneyGram: Browsing Instagram photos and making Instagram collages on Honeycomb or ICS

by: Ken EastApril 21, 2012

If you’ve ever browsed your social network news feeds, you’ll be familiar with Instagram. It’s the most popular image sharing service enjoyed by iOS users. Despite the exclusivity of this service, Android users now have a way to sneak a peek at the amazing pictures being shared through this service. Say hello to HoneyGram, an app with a multi-touch interface that allows you to browse and view images shared on Instagram. Read on to learn more about HoneyGram.

HoneyGram is an app developed by A Walking City, the same developer behind apps like Rev3Remote, Monkey Fill and Cloud Writer. This app basically functions as an Instagram image browser for [...]

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AfterFocus: Turning photos into DSLR-like shots

by: Paul NuñalApril 19, 2012

Technology continuously changes as the days go by, with smartphones becoming literally smarter and packing more powerful specs. With the phones available today, people have started turning away from digital and point-and-shoot cameras and have been making good use of the cameras on their phones.

It’s no wonder why apps like Instagram are so popular. Imagine being able to satisfy your shutterbug urges without having to lug around a heavy camera. But, if you thought that only Instagram was great at capturing life’s precious moments, think again. There’s a new photo-editing application in town and it certainly means business.

An application known as [...]

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