PicCollage: Assemble photo collages quickly and share them around

by 2 years ago

PicCollage has finally made its way to Android devices, saying goodbye to its status as an iOS exclusive. PicCollage is a collage maker that is simple to use with a bucket load of features for users to explore. Using the elaborate tools in the application, users can create wonderful works of art using only their smartphones. PicCollage is packed full of background templates that are easy to apply and allow users to use mutli-touch gestures to maneuver images and share other extended features. PicCollage lets users build nothing more than photo collages, hence the app’s name. Getting started is a…

Photo Saver: Backing up your phone photos en masse to Facebook

by 2 years ago

Facebook integration has become a must for almost everything connected to the web, intended to gain leverage from the millions of people viewing the site at every tick of the clock. Thousands of users post their latest status, videos, and most importantly, photos. Ironically, Facebook itself or any of the Facebook applications found on the Google Play Store don’t support a feature to easily upload a lot of photos. This is precisely the niche that Photo Saver tries to serve, giving you a decent and simple photo upload and backup application on your Android device. Photo Saver is a fresh…

InFoto: Quick and easy infographic about your shutterbug habits

by 2 years ago

Not all users are familiar with their phone’s hardware and specifications. Most of the time, users don’t bother to check them out or even take notice of the many things that their device can do. For tech junkies and hardware enthusiasts, however, knowing what your device is capable of and how you’re using your device is important. That’s where benchmarking comes in. The Google Play Store is chock full of benchmarking applications that each serve a specific purpose. For those of you who really care about getting hardcore information, here’s an app that is designed to get information about your…

“α” CLOCK for Mobile: Time-lapse photography app for experiencing Sony’s Time-Shift UI

by 2 years ago

Sony has a brand-new surprise that’ll give Android users plenty of visually enticing photos to drool over. It seems that the Japanese manufacturer has ventured into what seems to be a photo gallery application but turns out to be more than just that. Officially known as “α” CLOCK for Mobile, this application lets users experience Sony’s new Time-Shift UI on their Android device. The app will present to you various photos of famous landmark destinations, most of which come from the UNESCO World Heritage sites, taken with high resolution cameras that use “α” Interchangeable lenses. Each location holds numerous photos…

Best HDR camera apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Most Android smartphones these days feature a 5- to 12-megapixel camera, bundled into one neat package with advanced camera features. Compared to Apple’s iPhone, Android is opensource and allows users to tweak the basic camera settings to satisfy any user. See Also: Best camera apps for Android When it comes to HDR-quality photos, the secret lies in the software itself because it is the one responsible for making your shots crystal clear with HD characteristics. As we explore the Google Play Store, we’ve managed to stumble upon loads of apps that cater primarily to enhancing images. Here are some of…

Scalado Album: Alternative image gallery app with awesome UI

by 2 years ago

We’ve slowly been discarding our heavier digital cameras for the portability of our Android mobile devices and with the increasing power of today’s cameras, it isn’t difficult to unleash our inner shutterbug and snap a shot at every turn. After all, who wants to lose her or his precious moments? But, the more pictures we snap, the slower it’ll take to load them. Instead of reminiscing as you flip through your photos, you’ll feel frustrated at how slow each image is loading. One app however has been causing a stir for its superior gallery performance and clean and smooth user…

Fun Android photo apps

by 2 years ago

If you love making a serious picture funny or a funny picture hilarious then you’ll love the apps we’ve got for you today. Add a moustache to your mom’s face, or warp your teacher’s face. You can even paste your face on a celebrity’s body for extra laughs. We’ve put together some of the funniest photo apps that you can find on the Google Play Store to keep you amused and to give personal touches to your photos. Camera Fun Free The first app on our list is the Camera Fun Free app. What makes this app fun to use…

Best retro photo apps for Android

by 2 years ago

Rummaging through your parent’s albums, or your own childhood pictures, can be a great trip down memory lane. A picture truly speaks a thousand words when it’s been hidden away and subjected to the natural process of aging. With how popular the vintage feel is nowadays, to combat the crispness and vividness of digital cameras with images that will never go old, it’s no surprise that teenagers and young adults are scrambling for old-school cameras. But, if you can’t find an old-school camera in your vicinity, or you can’t be arsed to hunt one down, then do a quick search…

Best photographer’s kit Android apps

by 2 years ago

With the specs mobile device cameras are packing nowadays, people can travel light and leave the clunky digital camera at home. The best camera, after all, is the camera with us. There’s certainly no shortage of camera applications on the Google Play Store, but for the discerning photographer, only the best gets to take their shots. We’ve put together a list of some of the most loved camera and photo-editing apps so you won’t have to wait to get on your computer to augment and adjust your shots. Photaf Panorama It’s hard to capture the beauty of a sprawling cityscape…

Top free photography Android apps you’ll love

by 2 years ago

Our Android phones are equipped with cameras and come pre-loaded with a default camera app. But, with the presence of Google Play Store, there are third-party applications that can boost your camera’s performance. With these third-party application installed, you can do some neat stuff that a default camera app can’t offer. These apps can let you make a collage, edit your photos, add some neat stuff, and many more. In this app list, we will be listing the top 10 best free photography apps for your Android phone. The listed apps are ranked according to their star rating and user…