Photo Studio: Editing your photos as if they were done by a pro in a studio

by 2 years ago

Newer phones often mean better specs, and one of the things that people certainly look forward to are the cameras that phones are equipped with. Some phones are equipped with cameras that beat actual digital cameras, so more and more shutterbugs have started leaving their clunky tools at home and just indulging their shutter-happy finger with their Android devices. The best camera, after all, is the one with us. Sometimes, when all the right things fall into place, we get the perfect shot and you can proudly show it off to the world without even editing it. And then there…

500px app for Android now available on the Google Play Store

500px feature
by 2 years ago

500px is a photo sharing site where photographers can showcase their work and build portfolios. It gives avid photographers the chance to receive feedback, by way of image rankings, and get some exposure. What makes 500px stand out against Flickr and other photo sharing sites is that it was created by photographers. As such, the primary emphasis is on the pictures, with large images featured everywhere on its website. Being in development for the last few months, 500px has now launched an official app for Android phones and tablets. The app brings a minimalistic but beautiful interface that, as expected,…

Trigger Happy: an Android-controlled DSLR remote

trigger happy
by 2 years ago

If you ever felt the need to control your top-class point-and-shoot or DSLR camera with your smartphone, you are almost in luck, as a new project called Trigger Happy is designed to help you control the camera with your Android smartphone (exactly the same functionality is also offered for a certain Apple smartphone as well, but that’s beyond the purpose of this blog). Trigger Happy is a patent-pending technology that consists out of two major components: a cable that converts the audio signal emitted from your smartphone’s 3.5mm jack into a signal that the camera can use, and an Android/iOS…

Instagram For Android To Be Launched ‘Very Soon’

instagram android
by 2 years ago

Instagram, the insanely popular photo filtering & sharing app designated by Apple as the “iOS App of the year 2011” will soon also be available on Android smartphones, according to an announcement made at South by Southwest on Sunday by Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom. According to Systrom: “In some ways, it’s better than our iOS app. It’s crazy”. I honestly believe (and hope) that there won’t be any big differences between the iOS and the Android versions of the app, but I guess we’ll have to wait for Instagram to be released on Android to know for sure. Although no…

Panorama Pro: Easily Capturing Panoramic Photos on Android

by 2 years ago

There’s nothing more exciting than traveling to different places around the world with your friends and taking great pictures of amazing and breathtaking views. To do that you can use special cameras, but they are too uncomfortably bulky for carrying.  Why not use your Android phone instead? Your Android device, with the help of some app, can be a more portable substitute of a regular digital camera. There are quite a lot of photography apps in the Android Market, but not all of them let you capture panoramic pictures.  Thankfully, there are apps like Panorama Pro that would let you…