Lenovo launches LePhone S880 dual-SIM phablet, hits China with low specs and low price

Lenovo LePhone S880
by 2 years ago

Samsung’s Galaxy Note, the first-ever “phablet”, obviously opened tech users’ appetite for larger and brighter screens, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone is now trying to come out with their own phone/tablet hybrids. Lenovo has just outed its first attempt at this market niche in China (where else?), and, while the new gadget does come with a large screen and a very low price point, the tech specs and features are almost laughable. The LePhone S880 has already started selling in the world’s largest smartphone market for 2,199 yuan (around $345), but unfortunately, the China-exclusive phablet can’t…

ABI Research: Phablets to ship 208 million units a year by 2015

by 2 years ago

Whether we like it or not, the time of the “petite” phones with touchscreens between 3.5 and 4 inches has passed and we are now heading towards the domination of “super-phones” and “phablets”. It’s practically impossible to find a high-end Android smartphone released during the last few months (or due for release soon) that has a display smaller than a 4-inch and the biggest hits of the market seem to fall in the 4.6 to 5.3-inch range. Our own Ankit did a very thorough analysis of what he called “the rise of the phablet” last week and, if anyone doubted…

The rise of the Phablet

galaxy note s pen premium suite
by 2 years ago

Starting from the brick-style cell phone of the late Eighties, the design of the mobile has progressed towards being smaller and more feature-rich. We saw the introduction of flip-phones, slider phones, and smaller candybar style devices. You might like: The history of the Phablet That is, until the smartphone burst onto the scene like a crazy man in a theater, which switched and reversed the trend rapidly: faster processors, larger batteries, more storage and high-res displays have changed the way we use our phones. This allows for easier internet browsing, e-mail, video calls, and HD music and videos. While ultra-thin…

ZTE wants to release two Galaxy Note-like phablets this year

zte logo
by 2 years ago

While the likes of Samsung and HTC are duking it out at the top, Huawei and ZTE are two manufacturers that customers can rely on for some affordable low-to mid-end Android phones and tablets. Over the last couple of months, however, we’ve seen Huawei trying to leverage its position in the market by making its phones thinner and more powerful. Where does this leave ZTE? The world’s number four handset manufacturer, ZTE has actually sold more mobile phones than Huawei. In 2011, ZTE sold 15 million smartphones, but that’s still peanuts compared to the worldwide total of 472 million units….