Google wants you to leave your wallet at home

by 1 year ago

Google wants to differentiate itself by going beyond payments, which is exactly why the search and mobile giant wants users to eventually leave their wallets at home. In the future, our Android devices (or smartphones from other platforms) will be the central point of all our payments, transactions and identification.

PayPal goes offline … in a good way

(Credit: GigaOM)
by 1 year ago

Folks, PayPal is going offline. But it’s not in the way you might think. While primarily an online payment system, PayPal is now reaching out to the offline world in partnership with Discover, so that users can pay for purchases made in brick-and-mortar stores.

New Leaked Android Market App Forebodes PayPal Integration

by 2 years ago

A new version of the Android Market app (version 3.3.11) has been recently leaked on the Web, and an enthusiast who dug deeper into the code of the new version found in it embedded a possibly new payment system–Paypal. One of the readers of AndroidGuys decided to examine the underlying code of the leaked Market APK and stumbled upon multiple references to PayPal. Although Google did not give an official statement about this update, the code is a promising sign that we could be expecting PayPal integration soon on the Android Market. Android users have been requesting PayPal integration for…

Paypal App Update Brings Check Scanning

by 3 years ago

Good news for Android users hoping to maximize their time. One of the biggest modern-day time consumers is that of waiting in line at a bank to cash a check. I mean, it’s a piece of paper and you don’t even get the cash immediately! Well, Paypal’s got the solution for that. PayPal recently released an update to its Android mobile app that add this pretty nifty feature: people can just take a picture of their check with an Android 2.1 or better phone then automatically have the cash put into their PayPal account. The PayPal app upgrade, which puts…

PayPal launches new application for Android

by 3 years ago

The official PayPal blog has released news on their latest and greatest application offering. PayPal 2.0 pretty much brings the Android application up to speed with the iPhone counterpart. New features include bump to pay, which basically means users can bump phones together and send money. This features is likely to work very well with the new ‘Split the check’ feature. This allows you to automatically “calculate the total cost of a bill and then collect money directly from friends when out to dinner”. I guess everyone can then bump phones with the card-holder, right? The PayPal application is free…

PayPal coming to the Android Market

by 4 years ago

Nothing really much to say about this one. Paypal is going to be offered as an alternative payment option to Google Checkout via the Android market. Personally, I am not a big fan of PayPal and prefer Google Checkout if I had to pick between the two. However, Google Checkout is not as omnipresent as the established payment gateways of PayPal, and also it is not available in some countries where Android phones could be. As such, it is a reasonable addition to let in PayPal as a provider into the Android Market. I just hope that this does not…

Spend your money faster: PayPal release Android application

by 5 years ago

Online eMerchant giants PayPal have today announced that their application for Android is now ready. It can be downloaded from the Android Market and offers many of the main features of the regular PayPal experience. Obviously one of the major concerns for users of an application of these sorts is security. However, if the PayPal official blog is anything to go by, security is tight; the same technology used on If you decide to take on this application, you can expect to see direct integration with your regular PayPal contact list. This means that you won’t need to remember…