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Google tries to protect partners, Nexus devices from Rockstar

by: Shawn IngramDecember 26, 2013
Google is trying to protect its Nexus line and partners from the Apple- and Microsoft-backed Rockstar patent troll.
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Samsung patents rear touch control for future devices with transparent displays

by: Shawn IngramDecember 4, 2013

Samsung was recently granted a patent for a smartphone with a transparent display with both front and back-touch.

The Samsung patent takes display technology beyond flexible displays and into the realm of science-fiction by putting a see-through display on a smartphone. The patent describes several ways that users might interact with a smartphone with a transparent display, which fluctuate between a replacement for the AirView feature of the Galaxy Note 3 and the back-touch features of the PlayStation Vita.

Many of the uses of the transparent display outlined in the patent seem to solve the problem of having a finger obscure parts of the screen when interacting [...]

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Microsoft and Apple lobby Congress in favor of patent trolls

by: Gary SimsNovember 25, 2013
House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte has created an amendment for his very own bill that removes a provision which allowed those being sued by patent trolls to challenge the validity of software patents at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. His change of heart came after a big lobbying effort from certain parts of the tech industry.
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Apple vs Samsung retrial: Samsung ordered to pay $290 million, for a grand total of $890 million

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 21, 2013
Samsung was ordered to pay approximately $290 million for infringing five of Apple’s patents, including one that referred to the design of the original iPhone. The new verdict brings the award that Samsung will have to pay (if it loses the upcoming appeals) to a grand total of $890 million.
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Microsoft reportedly earns roughly $2 billion per year from Android patent fees

by: Andrew GrushNovember 7, 2013
Microsoft might still be struggling to make a major dent with its own mobile platform, but they do have at least one major mobile cash cow: Android. Reportedly Microsoft now makes roughly $2 billion per year from Android patent fees.
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Patent war escalates: Apple and Microsoft-owned company sues Google and most big Android OEMs

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 1, 2013
The intensity and scale of the global patent war just went up a notch. Yesterday, a company that is co-owned, among others, by Apple and Microsoft filed lawsuits against Google and seven of the largest Android manufacturers.
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Samsung patents smartphone-connected ‘sports’ glasses, is this the rumored Gear Glass?

by: Andrew GrushOctober 24, 2013
Previously we had heard rumors that Samsung might be looking into their own Google Glass-like device. Now a new patent has shown up giving us a look at what Samsung might have in store for us.
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Amazon smartphone’s 3D object matching service detailed in a patent application

by: Andrew GrushOctober 21, 2013
Recently we learned that Amazon’s rumored smartphone might eventually ship with a 3D object matching service. Now a new Amazon patent has surfaced further detailing this feature.
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Google’s new ‘gaze’ patent tracks your eye movement, gauges reaction

by: Nate SwannerAugust 13, 2013
Google is now intent on actually knowing what you’re looking for -- or at. A new patent filed by the Mountain View company wishes to track your eyeball, a bit like Samsung’s new devices do. The difference is that Google wants to know what you’re looking at in the real world, not on your device.
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Apple patent, important to their ongoing troubles with Samsung, rejected by USPTO

by: Nate SwannerJuly 29, 2013
The crux of the patent filing is the ability to distinguish between a two finger pinch action and one finger scrolling on a touchscreen device. Of the 21 claims in this patent filing, claim eight is the most important to their Samsung issues. That claim was crucial to their $1.05 billion initial judgement, but with a settlement review, it could unravel a bit for Apple.
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