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Patent war escalates: Apple and Microsoft-owned company sues Google and most big Android OEMs

by Bogdan PetrovanNovember 1, 2013
The intensity and scale of the global patent war just went up a notch. Yesterday, a company that is co-owned, among others, by Apple and Microsoft filed lawsuits against Google and seven of the largest Android manufacturers.
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Samsung patents smartphone-connected ‘sports’ glasses, is this the rumored Gear Glass?

by Andrew GrushOctober 24, 2013
Previously we had heard rumors that Samsung might be looking into their own Google Glass-like device. Now a new patent has shown up giving us a look at what Samsung might have in store for us.
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Amazon smartphone’s 3D object matching service detailed in a patent application

by Andrew GrushOctober 21, 2013
Recently we learned that Amazon’s rumored smartphone might eventually ship with a 3D object matching service. Now a new Amazon patent has surfaced further detailing this feature.
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Google’s new ‘gaze’ patent tracks your eye movement, gauges reaction

by Nate SwannerAugust 13, 2013
Google is now intent on actually knowing what you’re looking for -- or at. A new patent filed by the Mountain View company wishes to track your eyeball, a bit like Samsung’s new devices do. The difference is that Google wants to know what you’re looking at in the real world, not on your device.
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Apple patent, important to their ongoing troubles with Samsung, rejected by USPTO

by Nate SwannerJuly 29, 2013
The crux of the patent filing is the ability to distinguish between a two finger pinch action and one finger scrolling on a touchscreen device. Of the 21 claims in this patent filing, claim eight is the most important to their Samsung issues. That claim was crucial to their $1.05 billion initial judgement, but with a settlement review, it could unravel a bit for Apple.
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Sources: Apple asked Samsung to pay $30-$40 per device to settle patent dispute

by Bogdan PetrovanJuly 25, 2013
Sources “directly involved with the matter” told Korean media that Apple requested substantial royalties from Samsung to settle their patent dispute.
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Patents are killing innovation, and Obama wants change

by Rob TriggsJune 6, 2013
The mobile industry is infamous for its patent lawsuits, with Apple and Samsung being some of the worst culprits. But the Obama administration is looking a new legislation which could help to fix the issue.
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Samsung invests $25 million in its new U.S. patent business

by Rob TriggsMay 27, 2013
In an attempt to stave off further lawsuits, Samsung has invested $25 million in Intellectual Keystone Technology, a new U.S.-based company dedicated to purchasing and trading patents.
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Samsung tablet with flexible display spotted in new design patent

by Chris SmithMay 19, 2013
A recently granted design patent suggests that Samsung may be working on a tablet with flexible display. Read on to find out more details.
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Samsung patent collection covers curved smartphone designs and flexible displays

by Rob TriggsMay 8, 2013
Patents filed by Samsung reveal new insights into potential future products; including a flexible display, a new camera attachment, and a curved smartphone.
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