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Huawei Watch 2 review

by Joshua Vergara 5 days ago37 comments

Everything new in Android O: features and changes

by Kris Carlon 5 days ago12 comments

The not-so-secret weapon in Samsung flagships

by John Velasco 4 days ago61 comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review

by John Velasco 5 days ago34 comments
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Samsung has a patent application for a rugged, bendable display

Last year, Samsung submitted an application with the USPTO for a new type of flexible display: this one with a new type of frame.
by Matthew BensonMarch 13, 20157

The Patent and Trademark office is finally being run by someone willing to reform the patent system

Lee's appointment marks the first time someone with a background from an Internet-focused company will take the helm at USPTO.
by William Neilson JrMarch 10, 20158

Judge validates 2 out of 5 patents in haptic feedback suit against HTC

The judge overlooking the HTC haptic feedback suit has ruled 2 out of the 5 patents in question are valid, and has dismissed the other 3.
by Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 12, 201512

Samsung and Microsoft come to terms over billion dollar license fee dispute

Like it or not, Microsoft receives a small cut for every Android device sold. Samsung attempted to dispute this patent royalty, and the two have now settled out of court for undisclosed ...
by Jonathan FeistFebruary 10, 201523

Samsung dual edge display design patent surfaces, along with a mysterious pop-up panel

The rumors surrounding the purported Galaxy S Edge are about to hit fever pitch as a trio of leaked design patents showcase what Samsung might be shipping.
by Matthew BensonFebruary 1, 201515

Google agrees to patent deal with Verizon

Verizon announced that they had agreed to a patent licensing agreement with Google.
by William Neilson JrDecember 16, 20141

Google and LG sign a 10 year cross-license patent agreement

LG Electronics and Google Inc. have entered into a long-term patent cross-licensing agreement covering a broad range of products and technologies.
by Robert TriggsNovember 5, 201414

Blaming Nokia deal, Samsung doesn’t want to pay Microsoft royalties anymore

Samsung is refusing to pay Microsoft royalty feels for Android due to Microsoft's purchase of Nokia. Samsung argues that this has made Microsoft a direct competitor, and nullifies the ...
by Eric McBrideNovember 3, 201470

Another patent troll vanquished, you can now rotate your smartphone without paying a license fee

Rackspace didn't capitulate when a patent troll demanded $75,000, instead it decided to fight, and won. Now Rotatable Technologies has been vanquished, it is now an ex-troll. It can no ...
by Gary SimsSeptember 23, 201434

Samsung files for a mind-bending flexible phone patent

A Samsung patent application shows the concept of a bending smartphone that users could fold like a wallet or bend into a V shape and use as a desk clock or calendar.
by Bogdan PetrovanAugust 19, 201424
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