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Samsung wins at The Hague, Apple to pay damages for infringing one 3G patent

by: Chris SmithJune 20, 2012

The Apple vs Samsung legal conflict is one of the most important patent-based battles in the mobile business considering the players involved. Apple and Samsung are also contending the number one position in the smartphone business, where Samsung is currently king when looking at the total number of shipped devices in the first quarter of the year, but where Apple is making the most profits during the same period.

Since Apple and Samsung top executives were not able to settle their differences and put a stop to the conflict that spans across four continents and ten countries, the trials that involve the two companies will go forward. In [...]

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Judge changes his mind in Apple vs Motorola patent battle, grants hearing for next week

by: AdrianJune 15, 2012

Did we tell you so or not? Just last week we reported on Judge Richard Posner’s tentative ruling in a US patent case between Motorola and Apple that seemed to seal the deal and refuse both parties the chance to go up against each other in court. However, as we informed you at the time, the Judge’s tentative ruling was only provisional, and His Honor himself admitted that he could change his mind.

Well, that’s exactly what happened a week later, when the much awaited final ruling on the case turned into an order granting Apple’s request for an injunction hearing. In plain words, Apple 1 – Motorola 0. Or is it?

While Apple is thought to be the party with the [...]

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ITC: HTC can’t use Google patents in legal fight against Apple

by: Chris SmithJune 12, 2012

HTC and Apple are involved in a complex legal battle, with both companies suing each other for alleged patent infringement in the USA. But so far only Apple is receiving favorable verdicts, and the iPhone maker has just been granted another win with the ITC.

ITC Administrative Law Judge Thomas Pender ruled that HTC can’t use patents borrowed from Google in one of its cases against Apple, and therefore the Taiwanese company will only have three patents to attack with, out of the eight it initially started this ITC lawsuit with.

The judge ruled in favor of Apple saying that HTC does not have standing, or the right to sue, for those five [...]

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Apple vs Motorola patent case tentatively dismissed, legal war far from over

by: AdrianJune 11, 2012

Google can’t seem to stop winning lately, and, aside from Android growing and growing and growing, the on-going legal battles of the past couple of years are unfolding pretty well for the search giant. Less than a week after finding out that Oracle has been ordered to pay around $300,000 to Google in legal fees, a US patent case between Apple and Motorola has been dismissed before reaching court.

The trial was scheduled to start today, but Judge Richard Posner issued a tentative ruling cancelling its start, due to neither parties being able to “establish a right to relief”. Both Apple and Google-owned Motorola accused the other party of infringing several patents. [...]

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U.S. Galaxy S3 sales ban already requested; Apple brings up the same patent it used to block the HTC One X

by: Chris SmithJune 7, 2012

In early May, soon after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S3, certain reports claimed that the company’s legal counsel had a hand in the device’s design, a design that was heavily contested at the time by certain tech blogs and even potential buyers. It was suggested that the Galaxy S3 is lawsuit-proof, as its design would not infringe any of the patents Apple could use to attack the handset.

Apple and Samsung have been involved in a huge patent-based legal fight that spanned across four continents, with the two companies suing and counter-suing each other in 10 different markets. There are well over 30 lawsuits between the two at this time, and [...]

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Patent battlefield overview – Check out who’s suing your favorite tech firm [Infographic]

by: Bams SadewoMay 23, 2012

We won’t blame you if you’re not quite up to speed on who’s suing who for patent infringements these days.

Just look at the Infographic on patent battlefield of tech IP that created. It’s quite a tangled mess, isn’t it? For whatever reasons companies are fighting over intellectual property, customers are the ones who usually have to bear the brunt, with devices being delayed or their prices going up. And things will only get worse, since the patent war isn’t ending anytime soon. Though it might be out of our hands, at least we have the graphic below to clear things up a bit.

Click on the image to see a larger version.


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The HTC One X debacle: winners and losers

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 19, 2012

On Tuesday, news broke that US Customs had blocked imports of the HTC One X and the HTC EVO 4G LTE, effectively preventing HTC’s flagships from reaching American customers. The embargo was enforced due to an exclusion order by the International Trade Commission (ITC). The ITC ruled back in December that HTC’s Android devices infringe on two of Apple’s patents, but gave the Taiwanese a respite until April 19 to remove the infringing features.

Although HTC claims that both the HTC One X and the EVO 4G LTE are now free of the infringing feature, it seems that the US Customs needs a lot of time to decide if that’s truly the case.

The most immediate and visible effect of [...]

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Motorola infringes Microsoft’s patent on ActiveSync, may face import bans in the US

by: Bams SadewoMay 19, 2012

If you can’t beat your competitor, sue them for copyright infringement and have the court ban their products from entering the market! That seems to be the strategy that tech companies are using against each other with varying degrees of success. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win – and sometimes there’s no clear winner at all. The latest patent battle between Motorola and Microsoft seems to favor the latter for now.

According to yesterday’s ruling by the International Trade Commission, Motorola was found to have violated one of Microsoft’s patents related to ActiveSync technology. The consequence of losing is that Motorola is now facing [...]

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Oracle vs. Google heading to a conclusion. Who will be the winner?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 12, 2012

Here at Android Authority, we’ve been watching closely the unfolding Oracle vs. Google legal drama. Each week of the trial has brought us valuable insight in the inner workings of Android (and Google as a whole). We’ve learned about the early childhood of Android, about how much money Google made from Android, and, in general, about how our favorite operating system came to be.

But the Oracle vs. Google affair is worth scrutinizing for more than just the wealth of inside information that is trickling out of Judge William H. Alsup’s court. The trial has major implications for the future of Android, but also unpredictable consequences for the entire tech [...]

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Apple, what have you done? Nokia files patent lawsuits against HTC, RIM and Viewsonic

by: AdrianMay 4, 2012

Just when we started to hope that the longstanding legal battle between Apple and Samsung might reach a “friendly” end, another (former) important player in the smartphone market announced the start of what could be an even more epic patent war.

Nokia, who just a year ago was the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, but quickly dropped to third place behind Apple and Samsung, has set its sights on more “modest” targets. That’s right, targets, as in plural, because the Finnish have filed a total of 11 lawsuits in the US and Germany against HTC, RIM, and Viewsonic, covering no less than 45 patents.

“We have already licensed our standards essential [...]

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