Is Google helping Samsung fight Apple?

by 1 year ago

Apple is engaged in a number of lawsuits and countersuits with Android device manufacturers, but so far there has been no direct clash with Google. Is Google helping its partners behind the scenes?

Amazon is serious about the patents arms race, looking for an IP guru

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by 1 year ago

Kodomut/Flickr These days, success in the mobile industry can be a mix of innovation and litigation. We have seen how Microsoft is earning almost a billion per quarter in Android licenses alone. The ongoing Apple vs. Samsung patent litigation also stems from Android, with Sammy being seen as a proxy for Apple in its “thermonuclear war” against Android. Given these trends, companies that are developing mobile devices are turning not only to innovation, but also patents. Amazon, for one, wants to beef up its intellectual property portfolio in the mobile industry, and is currently looking for executives and experts in this…

Who will win the Apple vs Samsung patent war? And what’s next?

by 1 year ago

Where did it all go wrong? Apple and Samsung were once the perfect couple, but it seems theirs was a marriage of convenience. A long, drawn-out, and deeply bitter divorce has seen the gloves come off, as these two tech giants trade blows in courtrooms across the globe. The patent war has been going on for so long now that you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit bored with the whole thing. But wait a minute, I beg your indulgence, have you considered what would happen if one of them actually emerged victorious? Let’s speculate wildly. In the beginning In…

Motorola’s entire Android lineup banned in Germany

by 1 year ago

Apple might have been in the spotlight with its ongoing legal fights against Android, especially now that it has actually started winning, but Microsoft is clearly the most effective patent “fighter”. The Windows creators scored what looked like an unimportant US win against Motorola a few weeks back, and now added a much more significant victory in a German court. The Mannheim Regional Court ruled in favor of Microsoft in a longstanding, but not very publicly visible trial, and granted a ban on a bunch of Motorola devices. In fact, Moto won’t be able to sell any of its Android-based…

Samsung gets another hit – Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction remains in place

by 2 years ago

While some laughed at Apple’s patent attacks against Samsung, which seemed like losing battles from the get-go, the joke is starting to be on Sammy. After some relatively insignificant wins in Europe and Australia some time ago, Tim Cook’s giant knocked it off the park in the past month or so, with a couple of US injunctions against two popular Samsung devices. The Galaxy Nexus sales ban might have been lifted for the time being, but Sammy still has some splitting headaches with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The 10-incher has been banned for sale in the US last month, and,…

Microsoft turns down Motorola’s settlement offer, Xbox consoles and Motorola smartphones could be banned from the US

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by 2 years ago

TechCocktail/Flickr The Motorola vs Microsoft legal battle is apparently approaching a most unwelcomed decision in the form of a possible import ban for a number of Motorola Android smartphones, as well as Microsoft Xbox game consoles in the United States. This comes after Microsoft has turned down the latest settlement offer from Motorola (now under Google’s control). According to Microsoft, Motorola was willing to pay Microsoft 33 cents for each Android device they sell, while requesting to receive 2.25 percent off each Xbox, and 50 cents for each copy of Windows. So, why are these two tech giants looking to…