Biggest surprises of the year in mobile

android surprises
by 1 year ago

Every year in the world of mobile tech there are a few eyebrow-raising moments. So what were the big shocks this year? Join us as we remember the unexpected twists and turns of 2012.

Ericsson starts new patent war, sues Samsung after 2 years of failed negotiations

by 1 year ago

Ericsson is suing Samsung for alleged patent infringement after two years of negotiations that haven’t led to an amicable agreement. The subject of dispute is still somewhat unclear, but, according to Sony’s former partner, everything revolves around a patented technology that is “essential to several telecommunications and networking standards used by Samsung’s products”.

Microsoft vs Motorola trial could reveal patent deals and sales figures

by 1 year ago

The dispute between Motorola and Microsoft about fair rates for essential patents reaches a Seattle courtroom today and we can expect the trial to reveal some juicy financial information about both companies after the judge rejected a request to keep evidence relating to licensing deals and sales projections under wraps.

USPTO invalidates key Apple patent, Samsung’s defense starts to make sense

by 1 year ago

After an avalanche of bad news for Samsung in its legal brawl against Apple, the sun seems to be finally rising for the Android king. A key patent used by Apple to prove Sammy’s infringement and copying in several Android devices has been invalidated by the USPTO, making Samsung’s defense following the August California jury verdict a lot easier than expected.