In case you forgot, Apple and Samsung are about to face each other in U.S. courts again in a new episode of the first lawsuit between the two companies in the country. Earlier this summer Apple was awarded a favorable verdict, with the jury saying that Samsung has to pay $1.05 billion in damages to the iPhone maker.


One – Ericsson — is the market leader in telecom equipment, while the other – Samsung – is the world’s biggest phone maker. When the two giants collide and can’t see eye to eye on licensing agreement, as is customary now in the increasingly litigious world of mobile technology, the way to the inevitable settlement is to first take the banning request route.


Some people love it on their gadgets, some inexplicably don’t. Whether or not you’re a fan of the good vibration sensation that you get when turning on haptic feedback, at least you know the feature won’t cease to exist on future Android devices due to patent infringement lawsuits.


Ericsson is suing Samsung for alleged patent infringement after two years of negotiations that haven’t led to an amicable agreement. The subject of dispute is still somewhat unclear, but, according to Sony’s former partner, everything revolves around a patented technology that is “essential to several telecommunications and networking standards used by Samsung’s products”.


Sources close to Samsung posit that the Korean electronics giant has no plans to meet Apple halfway in its ongoing disputes and is further bolstering its legal resources to bring the fight to the next level. According to the Korea Times, the two smartphone giants will continue their battles over patent lawsuits for the foreseeable future, despite an example of compromise arising in recent days.