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Panasonic Eluga Power UK release delayed, ETA is mid-summer

by: AdrianMay 25, 2012

While the Panasonic Eluga has been made available for a short while in Europe, the company’s 2nd Android-based smartphone, the Eluga Power is keeping tech users waiting, thereby decreasing its chances to become successful.

Initially planned to hit the UK back in April, the smartphone (or is it a phablet?) will not start shipping for at least a month more. Clove, the British retailer that put the 5-inch beast up for pre-order in March, has not officially announced the reasons behind the delay. Also, there’s no word on whether people who’ve pre-ordered the phone will be allowed to cancel their orders and get a full refund.

The guys at [...]

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Panasonic Eluga starts selling in the UK, only £369 for the unlocked version

by: AdrianApril 26, 2012

If you thought that Panasonic was kidding when it announced some time ago that it intends to take Europe by storm with its new Eluga and Eluga Power smartphones, you thought wrong, boys and girls!

Less than a month after the official Japan release and just a couple of days after popping up for sale in Germany, the Eluga has started selling in the UK, with several other European markets expected to follow suite within a week or so. The smartphone is, for the time being, available for all you British blokes out there in an unlocked version, from Expansys. The model, without any carrier or network restrictions, retails for £369.99. That’s around €460, or $610, which you [...]

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WiGig technology to reach smartphones and tablets in the near future

by: Mike AndriciMarch 27, 2012

If you ever wondered where the IT industry will go from Wi-Fi, the answer (at least a part of it) is WiGig, a new technology that allows for wireless data transfer rates of up to 7 Gbps, an impressive 10 times faster than 802.11n Wi-Fi. However, due to the fact that these high speeds are obtained by using the 60GHz band, the range of action is drastically lowered to no more than a few meters, not to mention the signal’s inability to pass through walls. Despite this disadvantages, however, WiGig remains a great way to transfer/stream files between devices.

In addition, judging by the fact that founding WiGig Alliance members include companies such as Intel, AMD, Cisco, [...]

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Panasonic Eluga available in Japan on March 29th, Europe in April

by: Danic FilipMarch 22, 2012

It seems like Panasonic decided to step things up and make the Panasonic Eluga available in Japan a month ahead of the scheduled European launch. There are different theories as to why Panasonic decided to reschedule (seemingly out of the blue) the launch of the Eluga, but it’s certain that the phone will hit the stores in Japan on March 26 via NTT Docomo.

For Panasonic, the assumed objective of the Eluga is to make a difference on the unique Japanese phone market, by moving away from the look and feel of most competing phones. As a company representative said, Panasonic is “trying to offer a great experience free from the bells and whistles found on phones for [...]

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Can Panasonic Be a Comeback Kid with the Eluga & Eluga Power?

by: GeneFebruary 28, 2012

It was just a few days ago when Panasonic announced its intention to stage a major comeback in the mobile market with the introduction of the Eluga smartphone, a water-proof and dust-proof 4.3-inch smartphone that will be headed for Europe next month. Just to feed our passion for something new here at the Android Authority headquarters, we were really hoping to see the device in action at the MWC this week. Well, just like an answered prayer, the slender-looking Eluga was displayed today at the MWC.

Judging from the hands-on, it appears that the [...]

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Panasonic Returns; Targets Europe Launch Next Year

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 12, 2011

After its unplanned silence for almost 6 years, Panasonic has returned with a kick! With its return, plans of re-launching a new breed of mobile phones are being brewed for Europe. According to this Japanese manufacturer, their very first ‘global’ smartphone is expected to be launched next year. The target date for the release of this new handset is in March 2012 in Europe before being released in the US, China, and in other Asian countries.

When asked about its features, the only thing they can affirm now is a 4.3-inch OLED dustproof and waterproof screen. With regards to its other specifications, the company is being mum and not disclosing any further information. [...]

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Android Phone with Digicam or Digicam with Android Phone? — Whatevah, It’s the Panasonic LUMIX Phone 101P

by: Matthew SabatiniSeptember 30, 2011

Panasonic Lumix Phone 101P

If the Sharp Aquos Phone 104SH‘s 12.1-megapixel camera doesn’t make you bat an eyelash, then maybe the 13.2-megapixel primary shooter on the upcoming Panasonic LUMIX Phone 101P will.

Japanese mobile carrier Softbank has announced that it will be releasing the Panasonic LUMIX Phone 101P in mid-November this year.

And, by the looks of it, the Panasonic LUMIX Phone 101P seems to be an Android smartphone with a digital camera, or a digital camera with an Android phone. In short, this awesome phone blurs the line between smartphone and digital camera.

The Panasonic LUMIX Phone 101P will reportedly [...]

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Panasonic Android eReader Now Official

by: Aerol BibatJuly 24, 2011

We first heard about Panasonic’s plans for an Android e-book reader a few weeks ago. The information was pretty vague and Panasonic was being pretty cagey withe the details. They didn’t even tell us the name of the device!

Well, that’s changed. Panasonic has finally made the details of their upcoming product available. Named the “Raboo”, the company also shared with us details about the product’s price and availability.

Let’s start with what the company says the Raboo will be packing.

First of all, it will run Android 2.2 – which is a bit dated but still serviceable. However, the Raboo will have no access to [...]

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Android Tablet/eReader Coming From Panasonic

by: Aerol BibatJuly 11, 2011

When we last heard from Panasonic, they had plans for as Toughbook Android Tablet. You would think that the Japanese electronics giant would be satisfied with that – but it seems the forward-thinking lads at Panasonic know where the wind is blowing and are planning for an added arrow to their bow. Recently, they’ve been showing off a demo unit for an Android tablet for general use – with an added bonus that it will be an eBook Reader that has access to a digital bookstore with over 10,000 titles. That’s a pretty impressive entry into the tablet market right there.

All everyone knows right now are the basics; all final details have yet to be [...]

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Panasonic Toughbook Android Tablet In The Works

by: Aerol BibatJune 17, 2011

When you think of tablets, you think of flimsy paper-thin electronic devices that you can break in half with your bare hands. They’re not exactly the sort of thing you would bring to anywhere remotely dangerous. However, that can be a bit of a problem when you’re a jet-set traveler. Lord knows how many situations in which your tablet may suddenly be broken: a rambunctious child or a slip on the pavement can turn your $500 tablet into so much spare parts. Well, Panasonic is going to solve your worries then.

Being the developers of the Toughbook line of rugged laptops, the Japanese company is lining their sights at an opening in the otherwise crowded tablet [...]

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