Android revenue revealed: only $278m earned in 2010, app sales main “lowlight”

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The Google-Oracle trial that started more than a week ago after the two companies failed to reach a settlement over patent infringement claims is not only a legal titans’ clash with a very good chance of financially hurting Larry Page’s search giant, but also an information gold mine for us technology enthusiasts. A slew of inside details about Google and Android are being revealed as proof in the legal battle and the most recent and interesting information leaked to the general public sheds some light on Android revenue numbers. As you might already know, Google has always been reluctant to announce…

Oracle vs Google trial starts today, both CEOs to testify as witnesses

Oracle vs Google
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As Google and Oracle have failed to reach a settlement in their ongoing patent infringement dispute before the judge-imposed April 13 deadline, the trial will start today, set to begin with jury selection. According to Oracle’s potential witness list, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Google CEO Larry Page will both called to the stand in the following days. In 2010, when Oracle filed their initial complaints, Google’s Android OS was believed to break seven patents and copyright claims related to the Java programming language, intellectual property owned by Oracle since their acquisition of Sun Microsystems – the creators of Java…

It’s a no-deal for Google and Oracle, patent dispute case heads to court on April 16

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The stage has been set for a lengthy courtroom battle between Google and Oracle, after talks of an out of court settlement between the two companies over the use of Java on Android have failed. A federal judge who presided over the negotiations said that there were too many irreconcilable differences, aka Google not willing to pay enough. The two parties are scheduled to meet again on April 16, but this time in the court of law. Having finalized the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010 for a princely sum of US$4.7 billion, Oracle quickly put its patent lawsuit goggles…

Google has only earned $550m since 2008 of Android. Really?

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  Google’s mobile operating system Android has been released in September 2008, and, even though we have never knew exactly how much money it’s producing, we’ve always figured that Android is one of the most important sources of revenue for Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s technology giant. Of course, Android (or anything else, for the matter) is no match in terms of money making to the mother of all cash cows – Google’s search business. Still, having the world’s top mobile OS should bring in some decent amount of greenbacks, right? Some recently released figures might suggest a whole different…

Oracle to ask around $100 million from Google over the Android / Java lawsuit.

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[We updated the title from "to receive" to "to request" to avoid confusions] When Oracle sued Google back in 2010 about alleged Java-related patent violations, many were stunned by the move, especially considering the fact that Oracle is a founding member of the Linux Foundation. Given the fact that the respective patents were used in a Linux-based mobile OS (Android, of course), it was quite surprising that Oracle was going after a member of the ecosystem that they claimed to defend. When the trial first started, Oracle expected to gain somewhere between $1B to north of $6B (yes, SIX BILLION)…

Calculated Cost for 700,000 Daily Android Activations Is $3.65 Billion According to Oracle

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An update on the Java-related patent infringement case Oracle filed against Google over its Android OS, Oracle has shown a monetary estimate on the damages they may be about to claim. Considering the fact that there are 700,000 daily Android activations, Oracle may be looking at earning close to a billion dollars. Even though Oracle has not provided a source for its estimate, they have calculated that Google is now generating an annual revenue of $3.65 billion. Adding to that, Florian Mueller, an intellectual property activist, stated on his FOSS Patents blog that this figure was generated from the assumption…

Oracle VS Google Trial Has No Definite Date

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A Thursday ruling filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California states that there is no clear date for a trial over Oracle’s lawsuit against the alleged Java intellectual property violations committed by Google for their Android mobile OS. “Before a trial date will be set, the issue of damages methodology must be finally sorted out,” says Judge William Alsup. “Put differently, the Court will not set a trial date until Oracle adopts a proper damages methodology, even assuming a third try is allowed (or unless Oracle waives damages beyond those already allowed to go to…

Oracle Patent Claim on Android Rejected by USPTO

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Here’s one infringement case we thought was a no-brainer: Oracle’s patent claim on Google’s Android. Thankfully, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) also recognized this and delivered a final rejection to Google. The rejection was issued last Dec. 20 after reexamining the US Patent No. 6,192,476 by Oracle. Each patent claim was reexamined, including Claim 14, the only one that Oracle asserted during the litigation process. Out of the 21 patent claims, USPTO rejected 17. This included 7 independent patent claims of Oracle. It is expected that Oracle will seek an appeal or reconsideration after this action, however,…

Oracle Revises Its Own Damages Claim. Comes Out 6x Smaller

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Not too long ago, Oracle was saying Google owes them $6.1 billion, for alleged patent and copyright infringements. Google, and pretty much everyone else with a bit of common sense, said that was way too much — even if the infringement claims turned out to be true. The Judge Alsup agreed, and actually got quite angry with Oracle, and demanded that they lower their ridiculous claim, or not be allowed to have any say in the damages estimate anymore. Oracle kept refusing to lower that number, so the Judge even went ahead and tried to get his own expert on…

Google drops out of JavaOne due to Oracle suit

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Today Google announced that it was not going to present at the annual JavaOne developer conference, as originally planned, due to the recent patent infringement suit filed against it by Java developer Oracle. [via MobileBurn]