Less than 48 hours have passed since Apple announced the iPhone 5, which means we’re barely at the start of all the media coverage we can expect this device to receive from the tech press. One thing people are discussing is Apple’s claim that the iPhone 5 is “the thinnest smartphone in the world”.


You should know the drill by now: to create some online buzz for phone X, upload video of said phone being used as a hammer, or being blended and microwaved. The list of gadget-torturing activities... goes on. Why should it be any different for the current holder of world’s thinnest smartphone, the Oppo Finder?  Just because the phone is 6.65mm thin doesn’t mean it cannot handle a little bit of press...

oppo thinnest smartphone

Android smartphones nowadays feature dual-core and even quad-core processors that need ever larger, more powerful batteries to keep the device running.

One would think that because  of... these increasing requirements, handheld devices would become bulkier. But the trend has fortunately been in the opposite direction, with manufacturers looking to cram as much as they can in the smallest...


Just when you thought the Oppo Finder and its 6.65mm chassis is about to clinch the world’s thinnest smartphone title, along comes another contender that will have Oppo scrambling to go to... the gym and do a double check in front of the vanity mirror. ZTE is here to spoil the party for Oppo, by introducing a 6.2mm thick phone that is, for now, known as the Athena.

The ZTE Athena wa...