How did NVIDIA get Project Shield noticed at E3?

Project Shield at E3
by 1 year ago

NVIDIA knows they’ve got a big job ahead of them. Project Shield may be awesome, but it requires developers to adopt it. That awesome controller needs dedicated support, and developers need to know just how cool it is before they’ll do the extra work for Project Shield. Hopefully, NVIDIA made an impact at E3.

Nvidia Shield Showcase: Cribs Edition

Google-IO-2013 NVIDIA Tegra 4 Shield 2 1600 aa
by 1 year ago

The latest promotional video for Nvidia Shield goes behind the scenes at Gearbox Studios and shows us some of Randy Pitchford’s, the company’s CEO, home gaming technology.

NVIDIA showcases pure Android experience on SHIELD

nvidia shield jelly bean
by 1 year ago

With the public release of NVIDIA’s SHIELD just around the corner the company has added a new video to its YouTube channel showcasing the Android side of the gaming console. However is NVIDIA trying too hard when the presenter talks about editing spreadsheets on the device?