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Samsung DeX review – can your smartphone replace a PC?

by Nirave Gondhia 10 hours ago14 comments

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus review

by Nirave Gondhia 6 days ago242 comments

Photo Fight: Galaxy S8 vs LG G6, Xperia XZs, Huawei P10, Pixel XL, OnePlus 3T

by Nirave Gondhia 3 days ago72 comments

Huawei P10 lite review

by Gary Sims 2 days ago19 comments
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88% of UK residents believe that their phones are tapped

The OnePoll study found that nine in ten people believe that the government was listening to their phone conversations.
by William Neilson JrJune 17, 201413

Authorities must get a warrant to track a person’s cell phone location

Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled that a warrant is required for cell phone location tracking since someone's cell phone location data is included ...
by William Neilson JrJune 12, 20143

‘SSL added and removed here’ – Google mocks NSA in crypto code easter egg

ConsciousLifeNews It’s an open secret that the NSA is keeping tabs on Internet users through various means. Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations suggest ...
by J. Angelo RacomaJune 7, 201410

AT&T and Verizon received government data requests every 60 seconds

In their first-ever transparency reports, Verizon and AT&T combined received an equivalent of 1.2 requests every minute: AT&T reported receiving 301,816 requests for user data from ...
by William Neilson JrMay 6, 20145

Verizon selling even more privacy data to marketing agencies, opt-out terms unclear

Verizon is “enhancing” their Relevant Mobile Advertising program, allowing Verizon to collect and hand over your online habits to marketers with creppy precision.
by William Neilson JrApril 28, 20148

Google researching ways to add PGP encryption to Gmail

A Google employee has let it slip that Google is researching ways to streamline the use of PGP/GPG with Gmail. Google has "research underway to improve the usability of PGP with Gmail,” ...
by Gary SimsApril 22, 20146

Smartphone users are unwitting participants to widespread surveillance effort, says security expert

The ubiquity of mobile devices has prompted government agencies to piggyback on corporate efforts to collect our information all in the name of marketing, says security ...
by J. Angelo RacomaApril 11, 20147

NSA stole Huawei’s source code, could have added back doors

The NSA ran an operation code-named "Shotgiant" which targeted the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. One aim of the project was to add back doors to Huawei products. Then, when ...
by Gary SimsMarch 29, 201441

New video details how Google responds to U.S. search warrants

Ever wonder how Google handles a request for user information via an U.S. search warrant? In a new video, Google illustrates the entire process.
by Andrew GrushMarch 28, 20148

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week [Google Play Weekly]

This week we talk about a new Star Wars card game, the NSA using Angry Birds to obtain personal data about players, building things with Legos in Chrome, and of course five more apps ...
by Joe HindyJanuary 31, 201411
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