By now you should already master the art of pulling down the notification tray on your phone. In Android 4.2, as the embedded video shows, you can now pull down a second notification on top of the first one, but the second layer contains only quick settings.

Are push notifications pushing your buttons?

by on August 22, 2012 9:10 am

Do people care that they have a new follower? Do they need an alert every time someone responds to something they posted? Do they care that there’s new content available? Do they want to know about free trials? Do they want to be pestered for reviews? Are push notifications getting out of hand? How many of the notifications that app developers set up do you really want to receive?


Android’s latest version, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is gaining momentum as updates have started to roll out onto devices, leaving users craving for the new and exciting eye-candy to check out. Speaking of eye-candy, sloppy notifications tend to sour the supposed-to-be-sweet Android experience. They wake you up late at night,…

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Johan Larsson/Flickr Almost every mobile device owner has used apps that are supported by adverts. It is one of the three main ways that developers (large and small) can generate income to fund their app development (and maybe make a profit). The other two ways are, of course, making the…


Many apps in the Google Play Store cater to just about everything, from games to productivity apps. As mobile phones are getting smarter, notifications can’t even cope with the latest trends as end users constantly seek better software. Android’s notification alert system isn’t that bad and it even outperforms Apple’s…