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Android will Defeat the iPad. And It Will Happen this Year

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 10, 2012

These days, it’s virtually impossible to go through any generalist tech site without stumbling on an “Apple did it again/the new iPad is revolutionary/Android is doomed” op-ed. One of the most ludicrous “analyses” I read predicts an iPod scenario – Apple will master the tablet market for years, just like it does (or it did?) with the iPod, which dominated the now-fading MP3 player market.

Let me say this loud and clear – no way!

With the risk of sounding like a fanboy (whom am I kidding anyway?), I think that Apple is on the verge of losing control over the tablet market. For more than two years, the tablet market has been the iPad market, but now, I really [...]

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Best 7-Inch Android Tablets of 2012

by: Bams SadewoMarch 3, 2012

Getting tired of the smallish screen on your Android smartphone? Have a fear of commitment for something too big and unwieldy like a 10-inch tablet? Getting a 7-inch Android is without doubt the next best thing. In fact, 7-inch seems to be the sweet spot between portability and screen size. The list below contains what we believe to be an elite group of 7-inch Android tablets that are worthy of some superlatives in front of their names. In no particular order, check out these fine 7-inchers below.

UPDATE: Find out the best Android tablet in our latest best Android tablets 2013 series.

Huawei MediaPad

Huawei MediaPad was heavily advertised as the world’s first [...]

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Cheaper 8GB Nook Tablet to Hit the Stores on Wednesday

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 21, 2012


The 16 GB Nook Tablet has received a fairly positive reception from the tech crowd when it was launched late last year. Many reviewers, including our own Lucian Armasu, noted that B&N’s slate is in many ways superior to its direct competitor, the Kindle Fire. Sales, too, have been brisk for the Nook Tablet, with an iSuppli report showing that Barnes & Noble sold a respectable 1.9 million units in the fourth quarter of 2012 (including the Nook Color).

However, the Nook Tablet would fare much better if it weren’t for the price tag. B&N’s 16 GB slate is available at $250, while its rival, the Kindle Fire comes at $199.99. In the low cost [...]

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iSuppli Report: Kindle Fire Takes Off, Apple Loses Grip

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 17, 2012

Are you sick of people telling you that there is no tablet market, only an iPad market? From now on, tell your iPad-toting buddies to check out this report from iSuppli, which essentially puts the iPad dominance theory to the rest. In a nutshell: Apple still sells more tablets than anyone else, but Cupertino’s iron grip on the market is finally loosening. So, who deserves the credit? Without doubt, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the star of Q4 2011.

Amazon didn’t release any Kindle Fire sales figures, but iSuppli was able to estimate the tablet’s performance at a respectable 3.9 million units sold. How good is that, you ask? Well, consider that Samsung, the former leader of the [...]

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How to Root Your NOOK Tablet

by: JoseNovember 30, 2011

Many of you have already seen or probably heard of the new Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet. Yes it looks closely similar to the Nook Color but don’t be deceived by the looks. This newest tablet from Barnes and Noble is a mean machine sporting a 1 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM.

And yes, this device can now be rooted. Thanks to the Android enthusiasts at XDA Developers, this mean machine can now be unleashed at full throttle.   Are you itching to try how this works? Let’s go ahead and have the rundown of all the steps on how to root your NOOK Tablet.

A word of caution before proceeding, this process will void the warranty of your device. Proceed at your [...]

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NOOK Tablet Rooted, Allows Android Market Install

by: Paul NuñalNovember 21, 2011

Within just weeks after the NOOK Tablet was officially launched, hackers from the underground community had already found a way through the device which allowed them to root the tablet and install the official Android Market app.

Unfortunately, the NOOK Tablet doesn’t have the same one-click procedure that is used for many other smartphones. Instead, certain requirements are needed before you can actually root your device.

In order for the hack to succeed, users must install the Android Software Developer Kit and the Java Developer Kit to get started. Once the kits are installed, users need to enable ADB access on the NOOK Tablet, copy the Android Market app, [...]

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Netflix Shows Off New User Interface For Android Tablets

by: Matthew SabatiniNovember 16, 2011
Change is often thought of as a bad thing. However when it comes to new technology, change is one of the best experiences you can get. Furthermore, application updates are like Christmas presents to smartphone users. Netflix knows this and is constantly changing the UI (user interface) of all of their apps to keep their users coming back for more. And earlier today, they did just that.
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NOOK Tablet Ready to Storm Market

by: Paul NuñalNovember 9, 2011

The NOOK Tablet is a great Android tablet for book lovers out there–and Barnes and Noble has just formally announced its price and availability. Relatively priced cheaper than its competitors, you can own the device by preordering now for US$249.  We could see the NOOK Tablet in store shelves this coming November 17, at your favorite Best Buy outlet.

Under the hood of the NOOK Tablet sits a powerful 1.0-GHz dual-core dual-core processor, 16 GB of internal memory that is expandable up to 32 GB via microSD card, and 1 GB of RAM.  The device has a 7-inch screen display that is rumored to have the same IPS variant that allows users to have a full 180-degree viewing [...]

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Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire: Tough Choice!

by: LucianNovember 7, 2011

I think our regular Android manufacturers missed a huge opportunity this year to sell as many units as possible by releasing not only $500 (or more) tablets but also tablets that come at half the price, while still delivering decent performance for most of the things you’d want to do on a tablet.

This started becoming obvious with the launch of the Nook Color a year ago, when a lot of people bought them for $250 so they can put a custom Android ROM on it. And if that message that was sent by the market wasn’t clear enough, it became even more clear with the HP Touchpad firesale, when a lot of people, all of the sudden, wanted a tablet for a low price, even [...]

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