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Not even Android can save Nokia now

May 18, 2012

How many of us first started with Nokia? I’m willing to bet that for most of you, a Nokia device was your first mobile phone. Having ‘grown up’ with Nokia phones, I’ve since made the graceful hop to Android, and it’s never been better. That being said, I still think back fondly, almost like an adolescent love relationship that all of us have had – and still cherish in my heart the time we spent together. However, this broken love is just a remnant from the past, and I, and the market, have affirmed their love for Android. Not everyone has plunged into the ever growing world of Android though, as we are still hearing cases [...]

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Is Nokia admitting failure with WP7 by relaunching Meego devices and refocusing on Symbian?

May 15, 2012

Reports are saying that carriers and Nokia’s board are becoming restless with WP7, and they are pushing for alternatives to WP7, to slow down the fast decline of the company, and the consumer rejection of WP7 smartphones. It seems that WP7 might have been another critical mistake for Nokia and this time it might be an endgame scenario.

I still believe that Nokia made a huge mistake by not adopting Android as their main operating system. I don’t think it was just a decision that Nokia’s board or Elop made, but one that was influenced by the whole culture of the company. Many Nokia employees probably couldn’t see themselves using Android. I guess [...]

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Asymco: Samsung and Apple earned 99% of all smartphone profits last quarter

May 7, 2012

Our regular readers know by now that Samsung and Apple are (by far) the biggest smartphone vendors in the world.

But I’m sure that most of you will be surprised to learn that Samsung and Apple have earned 99% of all profits made in the smartphone market during the first quarter of 2012. Taiwanese manufacturer HTC accounts for the remaining 1% of the total profits.

These figures, calculated by Horace Dediu at Asymco, are even more surprising given the fact that smartphone shipments grew by 47% percent, bringing revenues up by 20% and overall profits up by 52% (total profits for the first quarter have reached $14.4 billion). To sum it all up, Samsung and Apple [...]

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Android, Samsung rule China, the world’s largest smartphone market

May 7, 2012

According to a recent report from market research firm Canalys, smartphone shipments in China have doubled year over year, surpassing those in the US for the first time. China is now the biggest smartphone market in the world, accounting for 22% of global smartphone shipments, up from 16% last year. US smartphone shipments rose just 5% year on year, now accounting for 16% of global smartphone shipments, down from 22% last year. Worldwide, smartphone shipment levels have increased by 45% year over year.

Samsung, the new worldwide leader in smartphone sales, is the top manufacturer in China as well, with a market share of 22% of all smartphones sold in China in Q1 2012. [...]

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Apple, what have you done? Nokia files patent lawsuits against HTC, RIM and Viewsonic

May 4, 2012

Just when we started to hope that the longstanding legal battle between Apple and Samsung might reach a “friendly” end, another (former) important player in the smartphone market announced the start of what could be an even more epic patent war.

Nokia, who just a year ago was the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, but quickly dropped to third place behind Apple and Samsung, has set its sights on more “modest” targets. That’s right, targets, as in plural, because the Finnish have filed a total of 11 lawsuits in the US and Germany against HTC, RIM, and Viewsonic, covering no less than 45 patents.

“We have already licensed our standards essential [...]

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Reuters: Samsung set to trump Nokia to become the world’s biggest phone maker

April 16, 2012

Our smartphones lagging behind the competitors’? Not a problem, we’re the biggest phone maker in the world by volume, dontcha know? But after 14 years of being number one in the global mobile phone market (and having that status to fall back to at a time when critics sharpen their knives), Nokia will soon have to stop living in its past glory.

According to a poll conducted by Reuters, Samsung’s sales in the first quarter of 2012 will surpass that of the Finnish company for the first time. On average, the surveyed analysts estimate that Sammy has sold 88 million mobile phones between January and March. While Samsung has yet to report its quarterly number for the [...]

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Disabled Brit gets smartphone dock built into his prosthetic arm

April 10, 2012

While technology has immensely advanced over the past couple of years, most electronic manufacturers still focus on the luckiest of their clients, neglecting the desires and preferences of people with special needs.

Trevor Prideaux, a 50-year-old British technology enthusiast, was born with only one arm. But the catering manager from Wedmore, Somerset, didn’t let his disability prevent him from having a normal life, achieving his dreams, and enjoying his passions.

However, he found it increasingly difficult over the past few years to control and use a regular smartphone with only one hand. Wearing a prosthetic limb since he was three years old, Mr Prideaux used [...]

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Is Nokia’s $99 Lumia 900 a threat to Android?

March 26, 2012

Nokia’s flagship device, the Lumia 900 smartphone, is set to hit AT&T stores on April 8. After being out of the limelight for so long, does the Lumia 900 offer enough incentives for buyers to put Nokia – and to a certain extent, Microsoft – back on the smartphone map in the US and the rest of the world?

It’s quite telling how both companies are craving to have a bonafide hit on their hands as the Nokia Lumia 900 is positioned at a competitive $100 price point with a two-year contract. Despite its dominant global presence – and ever dwindling numbers in terms of market share and mind share – one would be wise to add that Nokia has never conquered US soil. [...]

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Why Apple tries to impose their nano-SIM design on Motorola, Nokia, and RIM

March 23, 2012

In the world of today’s superphones, there are two paradigms that all major smartphone manufacturers go by: displays need to be larger (with one, fruity, exception) and the internal components need to be smaller. As it would seem, gaining space inside the smartphone is so important that every single component is constantly redesigned to take up less space, SIM cards included.

Most of you definitely figured this out by now, but the only useful parts of the SIM card are the gold contacts: that’s where the information lives; everything else is just plastic, with no actual utility. The current standard is the micro-SIM card, one that manufacturers are looking to make smaller, by [...]

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Nokia patents vibrating haptic tattoos, future phone calls will tickle

March 23, 2012

As tech writers, we, at Android Authority, are pretty hard to surprise. We see all sorts of innovative, amazing, or downright mind-boggling technologies every day. But yet, at times, even we are impressed of some of the ideas that tech companies come up with. Take Nokia, for example – the Finns just patented haptic tattoos. What do you mean, what the heck is a haptic tattoo? It’s a tattoo that vibrates when some one calls you or sends you a text. Duh!!

So, how would these Nokia haptic tattoos work exactly? Basically, they will be made of ferromagnetic (containing metal particles) ink, which can be wirelessly controlled by your phone. When a notification is [...]

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