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277 articles

Former Nokia employee aims to create $1,300+ Android-powered ‘adventure smartphones’

Think that the off-contract price on high-end smartphones are already expensive? Imagine $1300 - $6500. That's exactly how much Adaia handsets will set you back. Read on to learn more!
by Andrew GrushJuly 3, 201312

Analyst says that Nokia should adopt Android before it’s too late

Recent data indicates that Nokia is struggling with the Windows platform, with some analysts now suggesting that Nokia needs to bite the bullet and switch to the more popular Android ...
by Robert TriggsJuly 2, 201330

Microsoft came close to buying Nokia

It looks like Microsoft came close to buying Nokia, but the talks failed as the two companies haggled over price. Does this mean that Nokia is for sale? And, who do you think should buy it?
by Gary SimsJune 20, 201313

Huawei is philosophically open to buying Nokia

While speaking with reporters prior to the UK debut of the Ascend P6, a top-level exec from Huawei mentioned that the Chinese handset manufacturer would be "open-minded" about buying ...
by Gary SimsJune 19, 20137

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Nokia Lumia 928 (video)

The Lumia 928 and the Galaxy S4 can be looked at as the unwavering champions in the Windows Phone 8 and Android space. Both are powerful smartphones, but in some cases, it might be hard ...
by Joshua VergaraJune 14, 201317

“Below cost” Android licensing seen as anti-competitive by competitors, EU probe underway

The EU is informally investigating Google's Android business for anti-competitive practices, following complaints from Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle and others. Read on for more details!
by Chris SmithJune 13, 201313

Nokia 928 review – confessions of an Android user

The newly launched Nokia Lumia 928 has received a lot of praise from consumers and media, and has even been called a contender to the title of best smartphone of the year. So let’s ...
by Joshua VergaraJune 12, 201335

Samsung invades Finland, this time with a new research center

Samsung will open a new Research and Development center in Finland, next month, in attempt to capture the country's mobile professionals and to weaken Nokia even more.
by Alex SerbanMay 29, 20136

Nokia loses out to Samsung on its home turf

For the first time ever, Samsung has surpassed Nokia in Q1 2013 when it comes to phone sales in Finland. Read on for more details!
by Robert TriggsMay 28, 201311

Nokia files another complaint against HTC, seeks ban of HTC One in the US

Nokia is seeking a complete US import ban on the HTC One, claiming that HTC has infringed on six more of its patented technologies, bring the total number up to 50 infringements.
by Robert TriggsMay 24, 201323
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