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Samsung scores a hat-trick at the 2013 GMAs, Nexus 7 wins best tablet

This year’s MWC might have brought a pitiful number of exciting new devices, but at least the Global Mobile Awards should put some smiles on the faces of Android aficionados.
by AdrianFebruary 27, 201322

Samsung dominates Indian smartphone race in Q4 2012, Apple quickly closing the gap

While Samsung dominated the Indian smartphone race in the last quarter of 2012, Apple is slowly but surely closing the gap, jumping to second place in terms of revenue in one quarter.
by Ankit BanerjeeFebruary 21, 20132

Nokia’s former camera guru not impressed by HTC’s UltraPixels

Damian Dinning, tweeted yesterday about how he was unimpressed (to say the least) regarding the new camera in the HTC One.
by Tanay SoodFebruary 21, 201317

Nokia’s MWC 2013 appearance to be all about smartphones, says report

Nokia's MWC 2013 show will focus on its Lumia range of smartphones, with Nokia-branded tablets (Android or otherwise) a no-show – for now – according to a report.
by David GonzalesFebruary 15, 20131

Is Nokia looking to dump Samsung because of a conflict of interests?

Rumor has it that Nokia, the world's second largest phone maker, has started to evaluate alternative suppliers for the components it uses in its phones because it is worried that ...
by Gary SimsFebruary 15, 201322

Gartner: Huawei secures third spot in 2012 global smartphone sales, Samsung remains king

According to the latest Gartner report, Huawei poses the greatest danger for Samsung and Apple’s domination. The Chinese OEM boosted its total yearly smartphone sales with more than 73% ...
by AdrianFebruary 13, 2013

Blackberry has returned. What does that mean for everyone?

As far as competing operating systems are concerned, there’s no reason to worry, that is, if you’re Samsung or Apple. That said, Blackberry’s return into the field should alarm the ...
by RandyFebruary 11, 201312

Nokia Android tablet a possibility, but Windows still priority for Stephen Elop

A Nokia Android device is the wet dream of many former Nokia handset owners that have bought a device powered by Google’s operating system.
by Chris SmithFebruary 4, 201313

Nokia and 73 other organizations to get $1.36 billion for graphene research

Nokia and 73 other organizations are going to receive roughly $1.36 billion over the next ten years for researching graphene and bringing it to the market.
by ŠtefanJanuary 31, 20133

Leak: Vertu Ti: This is the hideous over priced Android phone oil barons want

Vertu, Nokia's former luxury phone unit, will announce a phone called the Vertu Ti. Here are photos of it, and boy does it look hideous. The funny thing is that it'll actually sell.
by ŠtefanJanuary 30, 201313
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