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235 articles

New Year resolutions from mobile manufacturers

We explore the mindsets of the major mobile players and determine their resolutions for 2013.
by David GilsonJanuary 6, 20132

Ubuntu smartphone – what you need to know about the new Android competitor in town

Curious to find out more details about the Ubuntu smartphone and why it's a lot more than just Ubuntu for Android? Read on!
by Chris SmithJanuary 3, 201322

Samsung moves forward with Tizen operating system

It seems as though Samsung, one of the biggest names associated with the budding Tizen operating system, is planning to release phones with Japanese carrier DoCoMo in early 2013.
by Nate SwannerJanuary 1, 201311

Samsung officially overtakes Nokia as top cell phone brand for 2012

As you may have already expected if you follow tech trends, Samsung has passed Nokia (who is still chugging along) as the top cell phone manufacturer for 2012.
by Varun RajDecember 18, 20128

Google shutting down unpopular services and apps starting January 2013

Do you use SMS to schedule appointments via Google Calendar? Do you still sync your Nokia Symbia-based smartphone with Google Calendar? Do you use Smart Rescheduler from Google Labs? If ...
by J. Angelo RacomaDecember 15, 20126

Biggest flops of the year in mobile

Join us as we discuss the epic fails of mobile tech in 2012. These are the devices, platforms, apps and features that promised much and delivered little.
by Simon HillDecember 10, 2012101

Nokia’s new Lumia 620 sets an example for midrange Android smartphones

We're not ashamed of the fact that we love Android, just look at the name of our website. That being said, everyone here does keep track of what's going on with other platforms. Nokia ...
by ŠtefanDecember 5, 201214

Text messaging turns 20 today, makes us all look old

The world’s first ever text was sent in 1992, on December 3, by then 22-year old UK engineer Neil Papworth. The message was a short and customary “Merry Christmas” sent from a home ...
by AdrianDecember 3, 20123

Nokia categorically denies Android smartphone rumors sparked by job ad

Remember the recently posted Nokia job ad on LinkedIn titled "Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware"? It sparked rumors that Nokia might be building its very own ...
by David GonzalesDecember 3, 20126

Nokia Android / Linux mobile devices in the works, job ad reveals

A few years ago Nokia decided to go with Microsoft (exclusively) and ignore Google, when realizing that its aging Symbian OS will not be resurrected in time to adapt to the smartphone ...
by Chris SmithNovember 30, 201226
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