Moto X vs. Google Nexus 4

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by 11 months ago

The Moto X is here, and we’re going to see just how well it stacks up against the Google Nexus 4! Can the Moto X rise above average in this versus? Find out in our review.

Sony Xperia ZR review

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by 11 months ago

The Sony Xperia ZR is essentially the ‘mini’ edition of the Xperia Z. Does it break the mold of typical ‘mini’ phones? Find out in this review!

HTC Mini+ now available for preorder in the UK

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by 11 months ago

Earlier this year a small phone surfaced known as the HTC Mini, whose sole purpose is to connect to the HTC Butterfly, which is known as the DNA in the U.S. The HTC Mini surfaced again, only this time in the U.K.

HTC One vs Nokia Lumia 928 (video)

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by 1 year ago

The HTC One, next to the Galaxy S4, is one of the best handsets of the year. The hardware is extremely impressive, and the new and fresh look that Sense 5 brings was much needed. The HTC One is truly one of the best handsets that Android has to offer. On the other side, we have the Lumia 928 — one of the best devices that Windows Phone has to offer. Some might consider its hardware to be mid-range in the Android space, but it’s no doubt a high-tier phone in the Windows Phone ecosystem, due to a much less demanding…