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Now that we’ve (almost) closed the big book of rumors on the Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s time to play the guessing game on what device Google and Samsung are working on together!

We... know that it’s highly likely that Samsung will be Google’s choice for the next Nexus phone, which traditionally comes out at  the end of the year. But the latest report from Sam Mobile might pr...


There’s a tradition in Google’s household to select one manufacturer to produce the Nexus smartphone every year or so. HTC was chosen to produce the first Google flagship smartphone, and... the result was the Nexus One, released in January 2010. Samsung’s rise to the top made Google hand out the next two golden tickets to the South Korean company. Thus, we saw the birth of the Nexus S...


New reports have surfaced today regarding HTC’s efforts to woo Google into choosing them as the next OEM for the next generation Nexus smartphone. The upcoming Nexus-branded... super-device could very well run Android 5 a.k.a. Jelly Bean. Jeff Gordon, HTC’s Global Online Communications Manager, said that since Google hasn’t chosen its Nexus partner for Jellybean, all origin...


For many Android enthusiasts, a purebred Android tablet is the stuff of dreams. Until now, Google’s Nexus program, which showcases Android in its purest form, included three amazing smartphones, with... the latest flagship in the series being the Galaxy Nexus. However, when it comes to a tablet receiving the Nexus treatment, all we got was rumors.

But there is hope. Pieces are starting to fall in...


After a few years of development, tons of commercials, and a lot of patient waiting, 4G LTE is finally here, for Verizon customers at least. And although not everyone is seeing the “up to 10x... faster speeds”, I assure you LTE has landed.

During my trip to New York City over the weekend, I was sure that my Galaxy Nexus would be picking up LTE speeds. Using Ookla’s Speedte...


Not everyone is buying the Galaxy Nexus’ hype, folks – and for good reason. Despite it being proclaimed by many a prominent blog as the best Android phone to date, and likely the... best smartphone ever – the Galaxy Nexus has a contender that few realize. Created by none other than the same company that brought us the Galaxy Nexus, the original Galaxy S, and this years best...


For just about a month now, Samsung and Google (as well as almost every wireless carrier), has kept us all on the edge of our seats about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. After Google and Samsung released the final specifications of the device, they even threw in a rather vague release date. November they said, and now half the month has come and gone without a single “official” word.


The new Galaxy Nexus™ will be available from Virgin Mobile when it arrives in Canada in early December. Plus, only Virgin Mobile Members can get this smartphone with a no-term contract on the Virgin Mobile SuperTab™. Whether it’s with talk and text plans or the hottest data plans, Galaxy Nexus™ can be hooked up to Virgin Mobile’s full range of plans – just pick the Virgin Mobile SuperTab™ amount and plan that’s perfect for you!


Although Google and Samsung haven’t posted specific dates about the release of the Galaxy Nexus, worldwide carriers are beginning to come out with information. Mobile Syrup writes that they, “received an email from Bell, looks like the Galaxy Nexus is confirmed for an ‘early December’ availability.


After the Galaxy Nexus showed up on Amazon UK for £550 (US$745) without any commitment or contract, we got a little excited. Despite the high price tag, this showed us that the Galaxy Nexus would be... here soon enough.

Although originally, the price tag was high and the shipping date was early, the tides have completely shifted and flip-flopped on us all for the worst. Or, is it for t...