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Android 4.2 spotted: Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Motorola RAZR Nexus and Motorola Nexus tablet

by Chris SmithOctober 7, 2012
Word on the street is that Google will announce a new incremental Android update when unveiling this year’s new Nexus-branded handsets, Android 4.2, which is apparently still going to be called Jelly Bean. And it looks like the new software version has already been spotted in server logs by Android Police.
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 and 32GB Nexus 7 spotted in Carphone Warehouse’s inventory [Updated]

by Chris SmithOctober 3, 2012
It’s that time of the year, Android fans, when Nexus rumors fly around on a regular basis. Word on the street is that Google will unveil at least one new Nexus smartphone at some point in the following weeks, although there’s nothing official from the Search giant yet.
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Last day to get $25 Google Play Store credit with Nexus 7 purchase

by Kristofer WoukSeptember 30, 2012
If you want to buy a Nexus 7 from Google but haven't gotten around to doing it, today is a good day to finally pull the trigger. After today, customers who buy the Nexus 7 will no longer get $25 of credit in the Google Play Store along with their purchase.
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South Korea gets the Google Nexus 7, price difference across markets noted

by J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 28, 2012
Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt is visiting South Korea, which is home to several major Android smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG. But aside from just Mr. Schmidt, Google is bringing another thing to Korea: the Nexus 7.
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“Google stands for innovation as opposed to patent wars” says Schmidt

by Simon HillSeptember 28, 2012
Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, has been helping to launch the Nexus 7 tablet in South Korea. He also met with Samsung and spoke out about the patent war with Apple.
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Are Google and Asus planning a $99 Nexus 7? Digitimes says yes, Asus says no

by AdrianSeptember 27, 2012
If someone had told us a year and a half ago that 7-inch tablets would challenge 10-inchers’ popularity, we would have had no trouble in calling that someone out of his frigging mind. However, the unexpected has happened, and, mostly due to Amazon and Google’s fine efforts, 7-inchers are starting to feel more like the norm than the exception.
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Android Nexus Binaries Updated to JRO03R and Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus gets Factory Images

by Derek RossSeptember 25, 2012
Android superhero Jean-Baptiste Queru has reminded us once again that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is in fact, a Nexus. It may not get updates in a timely manner. It may not get updates before other non-Nexus devices get updates, but dammit, it's a Nexus. Factory images are now available for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and a new batch of Nexus binaries as well.
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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 benchmarking – which one is better?

by Chris SmithSeptember 24, 2012
Now that the iPhone 5 has been officially launched in several markets, we’re able to compare it with the hottest Android handsets in town. In fact we have already pitted it against the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus, the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD. In case you’re also interested in durability tests, you’ll also have to see our iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 drop test performed right on iPhone 5 launch day.
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The Medias Tab UL N08-D is the lightest Android tablet out there

by Andrew KalinchukSeptember 20, 2012
The Medias Tab UL from NTT DoCoMo is the lightest Android tablet on the market, beating out the heavier Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.
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PSA: $25 Google Play Credit With Nexus 7 Purchase Promo Ending September 30th

by Derek RossSeptember 18, 2012
As the saying goes: all good things must come to an end. Google has announced that the current $25 Google Play credit promotion will end on September 30, 2012. If you haven't picked up your Nexus 7 and loaded it with free content, your time is running out.
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