Netflix finally available in the UK, Download the App Now

by 2 years ago

This is what folks in the United Kingdom have been waiting a long time for, having Netflix available. Well the time has finally come, those of you in the UK can now watch movies and TV shows on Netflix just like us, American, have been doing for quite a while. Don’t forget the Android app is now working in the UK as well. Reports have been drifting across the web over the last few days about PS3′s in the UK mysteriously receiving a Netflix application but that signup wasn’t yet possible. But now, you can head on over to right now…

Netflix Shows Off New User Interface For Android Tablets

by 2 years ago

Change is often thought of as a bad thing. However when it comes to new technology, change is one of the best experiences you can get. Furthermore, application updates are like Christmas presents to smartphone users. Netflix knows this and is constantly changing the UI (user interface) of all of their apps to keep their users coming back for more. And earlier today, they did just that.

Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire: Tough Choice!

by 2 years ago

I think our regular Android manufacturers missed a huge opportunity this year to sell as many units as possible by releasing not only $500 (or more) tablets but also tablets that come at half the price, while still delivering decent performance for most of the things you’d want to do on a tablet. This started becoming obvious with the launch of the Nook Color a year ago, when a lot of people bought them for $250 so they can put a custom Android ROM on it. And if that message that was sent by the market wasn’t clear enough, it…

Bogus Netflix App Steals User Account Info

by 2 years ago

Don’t let your guards down as a false Netflix app has been making the rounds on Android devices and stealing account information from users. Netflix, one of the most popular online video streaming service providers in the U.S., had announced its limited Android app version with only certain devices compatible with it. Only up to the early part of this year, has Netflix made its official app available to multiple devices through an official client partnership with the Android Market. However, the demand over the Netflix app increased immediately after the announcement of the initial limited release. This demand stoked…

Netflix Finally Brings Support for All Android 2.2 and 2.3 Devices

by 2 years ago

That took a while, but better late than never. I actually didn’t expect them to bring the Netflix app to all Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices so quickly, mainly because they’ve said it’s a DRM issue, and they want to protect the content on the behalf of the content owners. Either those content owners changed their minds recently, or Netflix managed to convince them that it won’t be so bad to put the content on Android without built-in DRM. Google might bring built-in DRM to Ice-Cream Sandwich, since they recently bought that Widevine DRM company. But it seems Netflix didn’t want…

The Top Android Apps For Movie Lovers

by 3 years ago

Nothing stirs up my inner Ebert more than a great movie app. If you’re like me, a movie experience is not just enjoying the actual film itself. It’s also everything around it: getting to know the full cast, finding chatter about it online, digging deep to how it was made. What we’ll talk about here are the top movie-related apps you can put in your Honeycomb Tablet. We won’t stop with video players and movie streaming apps; we’ll also tackle informative apps that help you enjoy the show better. So sit back and grab some popcorn, it’s movie app time!…

Netflix Android App Officially Arrives On Three More Devices

by 3 years ago

Earlier this month, one of the Android platform’s most awaited for apps arrived. Netflix for Android followed in the footsteps of its iOS cousin and literally exploded on to the scene. Combining Netflix’s recognized brand presence with smooth operation, Netflix has fast become one of the platform’s killer apps. Unfortunately, it only worked on four phones: the HTC Incredible, HTC Nexus One, HTC EVO 4G, HTC G2, and Samsung Nexus S. This severely curtailed adoption of it – though I’m betting that sales for those phones got bumped up quite a bit. Well, movie fans who didn’t immediately run out…

Netflix possibly heading to Android

by 3 years ago

We are hoping this rumor pans out to be true.  Netflix is actively hiring Android developers and an employee from the company was quoted as saying, “good things come to those who wait” when asked about an app for Android smartphones.  Will we see Netflix hitting the Android Market this fall?  We sure hope so. [via Android Central]