Redbox Instant comes out of beta to offer unlimited movie streaming for all in US

Redbox Instant
by 1 year ago

Nearly three months to the day since the official app first became available for download through the Google Play Store, Redbox Instant has finally come out of the beta testing stage to offer unlimited movie streaming to the general public. And it is right on schedule. But does it have what it takes to properly steal some market share away from the likes of Netflix? In case you didn’t know, Redbox Instant is the product of a collaboration between Redbox and Verizon that aims to bring a new unlimited movie streaming service to users in the U.S. It is set…

Netflix for Android gets update, now features improved video streaming

by 2 years ago

Netflix, the hugely popular subscription service for watching TV shows and movies, has come a long way since its original release as an Android app back in March 2011. In just over a year, the service has been updated several times and it now offers support for pretty much any device running Android 2.2 and up, while covering 43 countries in addition to the regions it was first made available in. The latest update to the Netflix for Android official app has just been released, and, while it’s certainly minor compared with most of the updates from the past months, it…