To celebrate the phonograph’s birthday, Google is slashing the price of 50 classic albums that were released during the vinyl-era on the Play Store. Admittedly, these albums are mostly from artists that some of you may not have grown up with, but there’s a reason why they are considered legends in the music industry.


Most Android devices, if not all, have in-built audio and video players. Although, there is never a guarantee that these players can support all audio and video file formats. Because of this, users sometimes resort to downloading alternate player apps from the Google Play Store, players that can play almost…


The Songza app, initially launched on the web and in Apple’s App Store, is already waiting for you inside Google Play. But the good news is that the app has now been updated to offer users the Music Concierge feature, which will help you play the right song at the…


If you love spending your quality time by showing up at events, concerts, or gimmicks, then you’re definitely going to love how CrowdStream is going to boost your music life to the next level. CrowdStream is a free Android application that connects avid music lovers with their favorite rock bands…


Your music collection might be huge and it just keeps growing because you want to give every mood you have and every activity you engage in an appropriate soundtrack. But, what if you’re really busy and you can’t find the time to throw a new playlist together? Don’t worry, because…

Best karaoke apps for Android

by on June 15, 2012 12:00 pm

Nowadays, people experience stress daily with demands and problems steadily rising higher. That’s why it’s necessary to take some time off now and then and lighten up your load. People can engage in a number of stress-relieving activities, such as engaging in sports and exercise, partying all night, or going…