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Add multi-touch to the DROID web browser via the Milestone

by: Susan ElleryJanuary 4, 2010

DROID owners clamoring for some multi-touch like their European counterparts should take a close look at a lively discussion over at AllDroid. Apparently, member t3hSteve was able to hack the multi-touch enabled browser of the Motorola Milestone onto the Motorola DROID. The hack is not for the faint of heart as it requires a rooted device and some familiarity with adb but if you are up for the task, a enviable multi-touch browsing experience will be your just reward. Hit the jump for a short video of the pinch and zoom in action.

[via Gizmodo]

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Multi-touch Milestone ROM and Android 2.1 ROM now available for the Motorola DROID

by: Susan ElleryDecember 19, 2009

Motorola DROID for Verizon

Just a few days ago, we reported on the addition of multi-touch to the DROID, a feat that was achieved by a few members of Alldroid who managed to take the firmware from the Motorola Milestone and install it on the DROID. Now that they have had a few days to put their nose to the grindstone, they have bundled up the hacked Milestone ROM and packaged into a custom ROM for the world to download and install to their DROID. Don’t care much about multi-touch but find Android 2.1 exciting? There is a new Android 2.1 ROM for you to download, too! Just a word of caution: if  you don’t know how to run ADB or boot into [...]

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Motorola DROID gets multi-touch via the Motorola Milestone

by: Susan ElleryDecember 17, 2009

Thanks to some hard work by the members of AllDroid forums, Motorola DROID owners who are not afraid of flashing can look forward to adding multi-touch to their handset in the very near future. With a little bit of hacking, the multi-touch capable firmware of the Motorola Milestone, the European version of the DROID, has been ripped and successfully ported to the DROID. After making a video showcasing their triumph, the most worthy hackers are focusing their efforts on producing a cooked ROM so we all can share in this multi-touch goodness. Their video showcasing two-finger pinch and zoom is after the jump.

[via Engadget]

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Multitouch to come to Android in Eclair?

by: Nicholas AhnAugust 13, 2009

Multi-touch demo

Cnet is reporting that it believes that multi-touch support will come with the Eclair (2.0) update for Android, and not in Donut (1/6).  As for devices, Cnet also mentions that they believe the upcoming Motorola Sholes for Verizon will be the first phone to come with the Eclair update, and that it will make its debut on October 6 at the MotoDev event in San Diego.

For those of you who have hacked multi-touch support onto your G1’s, how significant would this inclusion be?  Is multi-touch as essential as it’s been made out to be?  It is already available in HTC’s Hero, which is on sale in Europe right now.

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New multi-touch demo works with stock G1 kernel

by: Michael OrylJanuary 11, 2009

Multi-touch demo

Luke Hutchison dropped us a note recently telling us that he has managed to reveal the inherent multi-touch capabilities of the T-Mobile G1’s display without having to rebuild and replace the device’s original kernel.

He has even managed to find a way that other developers could take advantage of it in apps through the existing API, even though such applications would only run on devices with his patched Java stack.

This isn’t, by any means, a project for normal users, and it wouldn’t offer them any functionality they don’t already have, but it is a cleaner demonstration of the [...]

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Video proof of multi-touch on the T-Mobile G1

by: Nicholas AhnNovember 23, 2008

Following the recent discovery that the T-Mobile G1 did have the hardware capability for multi-touch gestures, Ryan Gardner has created a hack that makes use of the commands from the debug logs.  The proof of concept video shows the hack, which draws a red line to register the first finger, and a yellow line to register the second finger.  By dragging both fingers along the screen, two lines, of red and yellow, are drawn wherever the fingers touch.

As seen in the Apple iPhone, there are various applicable and valuable uses for multi-touch in various applications (most commonly seen in Safari and Google Maps).  It will be interesting to see how HTC and Google respond to this [...]

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The T-Mobile G1’s hardware supports multi-touch?!?!

by: Nicholas AhnNovember 18, 2008

Blogger RyeBrye has found that the T-Mobile G1 outputs data suggesting that the G1’s touchscreen display has support for multi-touch, something previously thought to be only available to iPhone users.  Code from the debugging console demonstrate that the T-Mobile G1 can indeed track two fingers.

As multi-touch capabilities have always been appreciated on the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Surface, one can only wonder why HTC chose to leave off multi-touch support from the G1.  Patents, and future developments may explain why, but we don’t realy know yet.  G1 owners can only hope that support for multi-touch is brought via a future OTA update, instead of being reserved [...]

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