Motorola RAZR HD arrives in Canada through Rogers Wireless

Motorola RAZR HD
by 1 year ago

Earlier this month we reported on a solid rumor that suggested the pricing of the Motorola RAZR HD LTE would start at $99.99 through Rogers Wireless. At the time we didn’t know when it was coming for sure, only that it was expected to hit sometime in the fall. It’s now official. The RAZR HD LTE is available today for $99.99 with a 3-year contract, as earlier predicted.

It is official, Motorola has finally announced that they’ve killed off Webtop

by 1 year ago

It was speculated for a few months that Motorola could be killing of Webtop. Webtop was an innovative idea that allowed people to connect their Motorola phones to their computers with a dock and control it from there. While many liked the idea, Motorola reported that customer support wasn’t strong enough to justify spending more money to develop the idea further.