Moto E vs Moto G

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by 2 months ago

In this battle of affordable smartphones, we find out how the Moto E stacks up against its larger sibling, the Moto G.

Best Droid Ultra Cases

Motorola Droid
by 2 months ago

The Motorola Droid Ultra is the middle phone of the trio of Verizon Droid smartphones that were released last year. The Droid Ultra features specifications that are quite similar to the Droid MAXX, but without the massive battery and wireless charging capabilities, but if you’re okay without these features, the Ultra is significantly cheaper as well. We’ve already taken a look at some great accessories for the Motorola Droid Ultra, and here, we’ll be concentrating on one type of accessory in particular – cases. Be it for style, convenience, functionality, and of course, protection, below is a list of some…

Moto E announced: here’s what you need to know

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by 2 months ago

The Moto E is Motorola’s phone that’s “priced for all” and “made to last”. Starting at $99, this solid 4.3-inch device sure looks to fit the description, but what shortcomings will you have to accept for that low price tag?