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Motorola’s dual screen, “gaze detecting” smartwatch patent

September 2, 2013
Lately, the smartwatch is all the rage. Not so much with consumers, but at Android Authority, where we’ve been beset on all sides by news of wearable technology. The latest comes from Motorola, who filed a “wearable display device” with the USPTO (US Patent and Trade office) back in February. While the big story is Motorola’s “gaze detection” technology, and creepy patent pictures showcasing it, the filing has a lot more to it.
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Moto X vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

September 1, 2013
The Moto X and the Galaxy S4 may be two very different devices on paper, but sat side by side, they're both just as impressive. Who will come out on top? Read on to find out!
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Moto X vs. Google Nexus 4

September 1, 2013
The Moto X is here, and we're going to see just how well it stacks up against the Google Nexus 4! Can the Moto X rise above average in this versus? Find out in our review.
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Google smartwatch interest further confirmed by WIMM Labs acquisition

August 30, 2013
Google has acquired smartwatch maker WIMM Labs, a move that seems to confirm Google's interest in making a smartwatch of its own, something we've heard of before.
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Moto X now available through Verizon, online only for now

August 29, 2013
For Verizon customers eagerly waiting to get your hands on the Moto X, the day has come! The handset is currently available through Verizon's online store for $199 in your choice of black or white.
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Verizon Moto X appears to be on track for August 29 launch

August 26, 2013
The Moto X from Verizon appears to be on track for an August 29 launch. Will you be picking it up?
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AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013
This week, updates rolled out to a host of Google apps, we’ve heard rumors of the next Nexus, the Zara broke cover, the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear were detailed, the Ubuntu Edge campaign close, and the Nexus 7 (2013) received some much needed bug fixes.
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Moto Maker is open for business, but you can’t order your design just yet

August 23, 2013
The customization tool that lets users pick the colors of their Moto X phones is now live, with purchasing to come soon.
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Design-your-own Moto X now selling at AT&T, other carriers will have to wait

August 23, 2013
AT&T has just started selling several exclusive devices, including the much anticipated Motorola Moto X. Customers will get to customize the appearance of the device.
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Motorola’s Touchless Control app available in the Play Store

August 22, 2013
The availability of the Touchless Control app in the Play Store opens the way to swift updates and the addition of new features.
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