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ICS firmware for Droid Razr, Razr Maxx, and Droid 4 comes with “root checker”

by: Bams SadewoAugust 28, 2012
When Motorola finally rolled out those Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx, and Droid 4 – owners of the phone didn’t expect that the Moto and Verizon would ever be so generous to include a bonus: a root checker that tracks whether or not the phone has been given the rooting treatment.
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Motorola Droid Razr M 4G LTE pic and spec sheet leaked

by: AdrianAugust 28, 2012
The Droid Razr M 4G LTE is just about confirmed now as a more budget-friendly Razr HD, although it will probably sport a somewhat different design than what we saw in the July leak.
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Believe it or not, OG Motorola Droid gets Jelly Bean via custom ROM

by: Andrew GrushAugust 27, 2012
It's hard to believe that its been three years since the original Motorola Droid hit the market. Whether you love Motorola or not, it's hard to deny that the Droid was a significant part of the growth of Android during its heyday. Fast-forwarding today and the Droid still manages to carry on, despite being near-archaic in age for a smartphone. While most Droid users have moved on to newer handsets, one developer at XDA has decided to show just how capable the Droid still is, pushing out a complete build of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
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Another win for Apple as ITC remands Motorola complaint for further judicial investigation

by: J. Angelo RacomaAugust 26, 2012
While this might initially seem a win for Motorola and Google, the problem here is timing. An initial determination by the judge will still be subject to a review by the ITC. The entire process could take at least one year. With that, whatever damages ensuing from the alleged patent infringement would have already been moot, especially since iPhones and iPads will continue to be sold in the U.S.
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Motorola says no bootloader unlocking for older devices

by: Bams SadewoAugust 23, 2012
It’s been close to a week since Motorola launched its user-friendly bootoloader unlocking tool, but we haven’t seen any changes in the list of supported devices yet. If you own an older Motorola device, there’s a likelihood that your device may not be supported at all.
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Samsung nabs title as China’s top Android smartphone, HTC and Motorola follow closely behind

by: Bams SadewoAugust 22, 2012
Continuing the theme of world domination, China is the next leg of the tour for Samsung. The latest data from research firm Umeng reveals that despite the presence of many local players, South Korea’s finest phone maker was able to retain its lead in China – a feat that it first achieved in Q3 2011.
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What a steal: 32GB Motorola Xoom 3G goes for $200

by: Bams SadewoAugust 22, 2012
If $700 seemed a bit excessive for the Motorola Xoom 10.1, would you consider snatching the 3G tablet for $200? That’s the offer that Daily Steals has for the Xoom right now on its website.
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Motorola quickly responds to layoff protests

by: nathanAugust 21, 2012
Motorola, with the threat of bad press staring it down, has said it will do everything in its power to help those cut. Compensation and re-employment services are being made available, and workers have demanded for 'open layoff talks' and appealed for peaceful protests.
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Rogers starts selling Motorola Defy Pro for $275 off-contract

by: Bams SadewoAugust 21, 2012
When we first reported that Motorola was readying a QWERTY variant of its popular ruggedized smartphone line, the Motorola Defy Pro, the device was still practicing its Samba moves en route to Brazil. Now it seems the Defy Pro has muscled its way to Canadian shores.
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‘Patent wars are not helpful to consumers’ -Google

by: J. Angelo RacomaAugust 21, 2012
"Patent wars are not helpful to consumers," says Pablo Chavez, director of Public Policy at Google, at a recently-held Technology Policy Institute conference. But given the timing of the recent Motorola Mobility offensive against Apple at the ITC, is Google sending the right signals?
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