Bell Mobility is sticking to its scheduled release of August 2 for the Motorola Razr V. The mid-ranged Razr phone and all of its Kevlar fiber glory is now on sale for $29.95 with a three-year contract – a minimum $50 value for the voice and data plan is required….


Thought to only be a China-exclusive phone back in June, Motorola’s Razr V has spread its tentacles relatively fast outside Asia. Although it hasn’t yet hit the United States (and might never do so), the Razr V will be available to quite a lot of tech users in only a…


On its press release, Moto promised that the RAZR V will be offered by multiple carriers in Canada in the third quarter. But almost halfway through the quarter and we have yet to see carriers announce the phone’s availability, except for WIND. Short of official confirmation, we turn to Mobile Syrup which…


After the practically back-to-back release of the RAZR and RAZR Maxx, Motorola has been rather quiet on the RAZR front. But following the launch of the RAZR V in China and several Asian countries, it looks like Moto is prepping up the release of the V in more regions. As…


Motorola might not be one of the most popular Android device manufacturers in the US (not anymore), but over in China, it’s still fairly successful. We shouldn’t, therefore, be very surprised to see Moto unveiling the China-exclusive Razr V XT889, one of the most fashionable Motorola-designed phones of recent time….