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Motorola Defy Pro is the first ruggedized Android phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard

by: LucianJuly 7, 2012

Two of the more niche markets for Motorola over the past couple of years, have been the ruggedized smartphone market and the physical keyboard market. Motorola was the first to make a ruggedized Android smartphone (Motorola Defy) that still looked pretty much like any regular Android phone, rather than look like a brick. In the same time the Motorola Defy and its successor, the Motorola Defy+, still managed to be built like tanks and obtain all the necessary IP67 certification for being water resistant and dust proof.

In a time when HTC is giving up on making physical keyboards, and RIM is on the verge of collapsing, Motorola is trying to take advantage of this [...]

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Upgrade Motorola Defy to Android 4.0.3 ICS via CyanogenMod 9

by: Paul NuñalMarch 26, 2012

The Motorola Defy is just one of the many smartphones that is eager to receive the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update. If you’re one of the owners of the Motorola Defy, waiting for the official ICS upgrade can be frustrating, especially since Motorola has decided that the Motorola Defy will remain on Android 2.2 Froyo.

Fortunately, you can still update to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich using non-Motorola way: CyanogenMod 9.  The unofficial upgrade is a super fast custom ROM jampacked with all the neat Ice Cream Sandwich features that you will surely love.

However, this ROM is still in its current beta stages with some minor bugs that you might find [...]

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Galaxy S 3 to Be Waterproofed by Liquipel?

by: LucianFebruary 3, 2012

Liquipel is a company that can completely waterproof your phone for about $60 with a nano-coating that is completely transparent so you won’t even notice it with the naked eye. If this rumor is true, then Galaxy S 3 may come waterproofed by Liquipel. The rumor comes from an independent UK retailer and is said to be reliable. The source also says the insurance coverage will likely be altered account for the device’s new protection against water spilling and such.

So how believable is this rumor? I think the rumor is believable because it would give Samsung a nice way to differentiate from the competition and it would make for a great bullet point in their [...]

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MotoLuxe and Defy Mini Won’t be Having a Premiere Launch in the US

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 6, 2012

For CES 2012, Motorola Mobility will be treating its guest to a preview of two new devices from their line-up. Called the MotoLuxe and Defy Mini, you can expect these new Gingerbread Android smartphones to be launched in the coming weeks in Greater China, Latin America and in Europe.


First on the line up is MotoLuxe, a smartphone that has touch-only features along with a 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM, 800MHz processor and a 4.0 inch display. Additional features include several Google apps, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, 1400mAh battery and Bluetooth 3.0. It certainly is far from the other top of the line players that Motorola has been releasing, but for first time [...]

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How to Root Your Motorola Defy+

by: Paul NuñalDecember 29, 2011

Motorola has been known for sleek devices that can withstand the tough conditions and use. One such device is the Motorola Defy+. Featuring a resilient 3.7-inch touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass coating and IP67 certification, the Motorola Defy+ is one tough device. The device is perfect for outdoor use as it can handle serious stress from dust and moisture.

Released way back in September, it runs on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and is definitely a rootable device. In this post, you’ll learn how to root your Motorola Defy+. For the rooting procedure to work, your device must be running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread firmware, or else the method won’t work. Any [...]

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Battle of the Rugged Android Smartphones: Motorola DEFY+ VS. Samsung Galaxy Xcover VS. Sony Ericsson Xperia Active

by: LucianAugust 28, 2011

I have a dream, and that dream is that a few years from now, most smartphones will be “rugged”,  which means being water resistant, dust-proof, scratch-proof, and last but not least, shock resistant. If the phone still looks good, it’s not much more expensive than without those features, then who wouldn’t want their phones to be like that?

Smartphones are becoming such important tools in our lives that we can’t live without, even more so than we can live without our PC’s or notebooks. We have them everywhere with us, and they keep us connected wherever we go. But because of that and because we keep these phones on average about 2 [...]

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Motorola Defy+ Android Phone Will Go To AT&T?

by: Aerol BibatJuly 24, 2011

Mobile phones are fragile electronic devices that can easily get smashed or damaged by the elements, which is why Motorola’s Defy is such an impressive piece of hardware. Compactly designed, it’s got a nearly bezel-free screen and can easily withstand moderate amounts of abuse – even an unfortunate trip into water.

This makes the Defy perfect for anyone who’s got an active lifestyle – the price point is another thing that adds to it. T-Mobile’s access to it as part of its mobile plans is a good thing. With rumors of an upcoming Defy+ model, I’m sure every Motorola fan is excited. Unfortunately, it’s being shopped around with a [...]

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Who Makes the Most Reliable Android Phone?

by: Darcy LaCouveeJanuary 12, 2011

Smartphones/Superphones are becoming more of a significant investment for everyday people. All around the world, people are signing up for two to three year contracts to get a nice chunk of change deducted off their new phone of choice.

Some of the new phones set to launch in 2011 feature the latest and greatest in everything mobile. At CES, the largest technology companies in the world peddled their wares to an eager and willing public, and it’s quite apparent that 2011 is going to be an amazing year for technology lovers everywhere.

Undoubtedly, some people are apprehensive to hop on this ever changing bandwagon. We have all experienced that fateful moment when our [...]

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