Most of us originally expected the Motorola Atrix HD LTE to hit Canada through Bell on August 2nd, only to discover that the launch was being pushed back to the 21st of August. Shortly after that, the date was changed again, this time to August 14th, a bit earlier than the original delayed date. That day has come (for good this time), the Atrix HD LTE is finally here. Better late than never, right?


Motorola seemed to have a shot at regaining some of its lost high-end glamour with the new Atrix HD LTE smartphone, but if Google’s subsidiary isn’t careful, it might lose that chance... very quickly.

If there’s one thing tech users hate at newly launched phones is the manufacturers’ inability to communicate, announce cold facts about release dates and prices, and stick to d...

Atrix HD LTE

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a launch delayed, especially when talking about a device with huge potential, like the Atrix HD LTE. Then again, Bell Canada, who has supposedly pushed... back the handheld’s release, didn’t announce the official launch date in the first place, so maybe we shouldn’t be too harsh on the carrier.

The new Atrix HD LTE was supposed to start selling...


It’s only been a few weeks since Motorola officially took the wraps off the new Atrix HD LTE, but it seems that Google’s subsidiary has some big plans with the super-phone. In US, AT&T... has for now been granted the “honor” to be the only supplier of the 4.5-incher, while in Canada the Atrix could come to two carriers.

We reported on the rumors that Bell could be the first ca...

Motorola Atrix HD

Just a week after being officially priced over at AT&T, Motorola’s newest flagship phone, the Atrix HD LTE, is ready to go outside the US borders. The 4.5-incher won’t go too far (for... now) and will be landing to good ol’ Canada, where it’s expected to start selling as soon as August 2.

The information hasn’t been yet confirmed from official sources, but comes from Mobile...