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How TouchWiz, Sense UI, and other OEM skins are a benefit to Android

by: Brad WardMay 23, 2013
OEM Skins like Touchwiz and HTC Sense may not garner a lot of popularity in the tech community, but overall they actually do less harm than one might think.
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Official videos: First look of Ice Cream Sandwich on Motorola devices

by: Bams SadewoMay 28, 2012

You’ve read about the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade timeline for Motorola devices, which the company has recently updated. Maybe you’ve wondered about Moto’s decision and reasoning to refuse some devices access to the ICS club. Now get ready to see how ICS would run on your Moto-supplied phones and tablets – walkthrough videos have been made available online by Motorola Japan, and picked up and posted on YouTube by Droid Life.

One thing you’ll definitely notice is the absence of Motoblur, the custom overlay that, we’re sure, won’t be missed by many. Motorola’s homegrown UI overlay has been less intrusive on some of its newer devices, but the [...]

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Installing MOTOBLUR Ice Cream Sandwich home launcher on any phone

by: Ken EastApril 23, 2012

If you’re looking to replace your custom launcher with something better, your search is over. MOTOBLUR is a custom launcher that you might want to try out. Bloatware-free and Ice Cream Sandwich ready, don’t let that name fool you. It can be installed on more than just Motorola devices; in fact, it can be installed on any Android Phone. Read to to know how to install MOTOBLUR on your device.


Though there is no dearth of custom launchers for your Android device, most custom launchers aren’t worth your time. Some of them are loaded with bloatware that ends up being useless to you and your device, eating up precious space, and giving you terrible [...]

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MOTOBLUR Gone For Good

by: Chit AgustinJune 11, 2011

MotoBlur is, apparently, everything you want, all in one place. Motoblur is made up of various widgets wherein it fuses social networking gateways like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace and also other services like news and weather reports all in one place.

Yes, that’s MotoBlur folks. However, poor MotoBlur hasn’t been getting a lot of love lately, and for good reason. It seems MotoBlur hasn’t been able to make that many friends. Motorola has been forced to phase out the MotoBlur label due to public criticisms, and it’s looking like the good ‘ol days of MotoBlur are over. Goodbye MotoBlur!

Recently, Motorola and Sprint held an exclusive [...]

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Motorola CHARM for T-Mobile USA official

by: Michael OrylJuly 7, 2010

Motorola CHARM for T-Mobile USA

Motorola this morning officially unveiled the CHARM, another MOTOBLUR device for T-Mobile USA. This time, however, the phone is running Android 2.1 and sports a new form factor.

While Moto and T-Mobile have not announced pricing, and have only said that it is expected to be available “this summer,” we expect the phone to come in at a low price point for an Android smartphone due to its component selection. It features only a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a QVGA (320 x 240 pixel) resolution. That’s quite a step down from the 5 megapixel camera on the CLIQ, with its larger 320 x 480 [...]

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Motorola DROID X video review part 1 – Hardware and Widgets

by: Michael OrylJune 24, 2010

Here’s the first part of my video review of Verizon’s Motorola DROID X Android smartphone.  I love the hardware design (no touch sensitive buttons, yay!) and like the look of the display, too.  But I really love the new Motorola developed widgets, which are obviously MOTOBLUR based.  Check them out, below.

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Motorola CLIQ XT / QUENCH review is up

by: Michael OrylMarch 17, 2010


I just got finished posting Todd Haselton’s review of the T-Mobile branded Motorola CLIQ XT on  Todd likes the device in general, and thinks it has more going for it than “a CLIQ without a keyboard” would seem to suggest.  I agree.

He was unimpressed with the CLIQ XT’s camera, but really liked the new connected media player application that Motorola has included.  Other wins were the Swype text input system, fast data, and built-in Flash Lite support.

You’ll find the full CLIQ XT review here.

I’ve added a small gallery after the jump.

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Motorola CLIQ XT now available from T-Mobile for $129

by: Kelly HodgkinsMarch 17, 2010

MOTOBLUR lovers that prefer the AWS spectrum for 3G can rejoice as the Motorola CLIQ XT is now available for your buying pleasure. Point your browser to T-Mobile’s website or hoof it to your local store where you can drop $129 with an Even More plan and a two year contract for this Android 1.5 handset. Need more details on the handset before making that commitment? Then check out MobileBurn’s hands-on review in which Todd Haselton covers everything from unboxing, booting, and beyond.

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Motorola BACKFLIP backfires on AT&T

by: Kelly HodgkinsMarch 10, 2010

The Motorola BACKFLIP debuted this weekend on AT&T and the first impressions of this uniquely designed handset are not so favorable. Folks that picked up AT&T’s first Android handset have been shocked to discover that the device has been crippled by the nation’s second largest wireless provider. According to information posted at the xda-developers forums, new BACKFLIP owners are reporting that AT&T has loaded the device with AT&T-specific applications which can not be removed, has restricted the user’s ability to install third applications that reside outside of the Android Market, and has committed the greatest of heresies by replacing Google [...]

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Video: Motorola Devour demonstration

by: Chuck ZichFebruary 22, 2010

Rick Osterloh, VP of Android Software & MOTOBLUR services has been caught seemingly in his own cubicle, showing off the Motorola Devour in a nice 7 minute long video.  The video shows the attractive form factor and well spaced keyboard along with features of MOTOBLUR and Motorola’s new Moto Phone Portal.  The portal allows you to view media files from your phone directly on your computer all over a WiFi connection.  We hope to see this great feature ported to other popular Motorola devices such as the DROID in the near future.

The Devour is set to launch exclusively with Verizon next week for $149 on 2 year contract.  Hit the jump for the video and a full featured [...]

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