Xiaomi Starts Shipping First 600 Units of MI-ONE Android Phone with MIUI Custom ROM

by 2 years ago

Six hundred units of the initial batch of the MI-ONE smartphone have started shipping in China last week. The MI-ONE is manufactured by Xiaomi and comes preloaded with the MIUI custom ROM based off Android 2.3.5. The price for each handset is reported to be YEN1,999 (roughly US$310). No official announcements have been made yet as to the availability of the MI-ONE in other countries. The phone’s hardware was custom-made the Beijing-based company Xiaomi primarily intended for running the MIUI custom operating system, resulting in a fascinating custom-made Android phone named MI-One. MIUI is one of the popular custom Android…

How to Flash Custom ROMs on Your Android Phone

by 2 years ago

If you’ve rooted your Android phone, you’re most likely interested in a few custom ROMs. The problem is that many people interested in flashing custom ROMs are not sure how to go about getting started. In this post, I will run you through the general steps of flashing custom ROMs. You can follow along with the instructional video I’ve included at the end. Your phone must be rooted so that you can perform the steps in this guide.  If you have a non-rooted your phone, this guide will result in an epic fail.  Android Authority has numerous rooting guides for…

Why Is Samsung Recruiting the Best ROM Developers?

by 2 years ago

Samsung is the best manufacturer right now to take on Apple, which is why Apple is being so aggressive against them lately. Their hardware is top notch and improving significantly each year, they have a good brand name, and can also distribute their devices in over 130 countries. But there’s one element that hasn’t been so great throughout most of its history, and that is their Touchwiz skin. Although, it has constantly improved and new features have been added, I think a lot of people could live without it. This, and the fact that they want to be as good…

New MIUI Surprises from the Xiaomi M1

by 2 years ago

Chinese mobile company Xiaomi recently announced that it’s coming out with a smartphone called the Xiaomi M1. Naturally this would be the one Android phone that’s specifically built around the customized Android user interface MIUI. Unlike what the earlier reports stated however, the M1 or Xiaomi phone is going to be driven by a faster processor and may also be released at a lower price. The targeted date for release is October and customers can pre-order the handset by August 29.   Instead of the 1.2 GHz dual-core chip that was initially announced, the Xiaomi phone’s CPU is actually going…