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Get a Windows Phone, says Steve

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 1, 2012
Here's to the crazy ones, indeed! Reminiscent of how an iconic ex-CEO once attempted to voice-over an advertisement for his company's product, Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 8 ad screams of self-promotion. But this is a different Steve, altogether -- someone who does not exactly generate a Reality Distortion Field like the late Steve Jobs. Microsoft's own Steve Ballmer has narrated Redmond's latest Windows Phone 8 ad, with highlight on the personal touch.
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Courts may force Motorola to license FRAND patents to Microsoft and Apple

by: Simon HillOctober 31, 2012
Google-owned Motorola Mobility is about to embark on two trials over its standard-essential patents (SEPs). It’s up against Microsoft in Seattle and faces Apple in Madison. Apparently there may be overlaps between the two trials and some of the pretrial rulings don’t look great for Motorola.
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Windows Phone 8 launch: Phones, release dates, and features

by: Simon HillOctober 30, 2012
Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 yesterday at an event in San Francisco. The tech giant is hoping its third time lucky in the smartphone market as it prepares to try and wrestle some market share from Android and iOS. There’s a decent line up of smartphones and a host of new features on offer. Let’s take a closer look at Windows Phone 8, size up the hardware and software, and check out the pricing and release dates.
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Xbox SmartGlass for Android available for download in Google Play, ready to control your Xbox 360 consoles

by: Chris SmithOctober 26, 2012
We talked about Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app quite a few times since being made official way back in June. While the app is already pre-loaded on Microsoft Surface tablets, and will be available on various other Windows 8/RT machines, the company will not restrict SmartGlass access to its Windows ecosystem.
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Apple posts record $8.2 billion in profits on millions of iOS device sales, but falls short of estimates

by: Chris SmithOctober 25, 2012
Stop me if you’ve heard any of this before: a tech giant failed to meet Wall Street expectations for the third quarter of the year, while bringing in huge profits nonetheless.
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Microsoft planning more hardware as it attempts to catch up with Android

by: Gary SimsOctober 25, 2012
In the good old days, Microsoft did software and everyone else made the hardware, even on the Macintosh platform Apple made the hardware and Microsoft added Office etc. But those days are gone. Today, any serious contender in the post-PC era designs the hardware and the software. Apple do it, Google do it, Amazon do it and now, with the advent of the Surface tablet and Windows 8, Microsoft do it. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, has told the BBC that the Redmond company won't stop at the Surface and that it has other hardware plans.
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Microsoft Surface pre-orders sold out, Bill Gates sits down to talk about the device

by: Brendan LynchOctober 23, 2012
A couple days ago, Microsoft’s base-level Surface (32GB version without Touch Cover keyboard) completely sold out in 24 hours. While that was an impressive feat, it now seems that the 32GB and 64GB versions, both including the Touch Cover keyboard and thus more expensive, have also sold out. This means that you can no longer pre-order a Surface, no matter how badly you want one.
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Xbox SmartGlass will land on Android in early 2013

by: Simon HillOctober 23, 2012
Xbox SmartGlass is Microsoft’s attempt to jump on the "second screen" app bandwagon and it’s coming to Android in the New Year.
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Microsoft stores are offering reservation cards for Surface launch day buyers

by: Tom WyattOctober 20, 2012
Come October 26th, Microsoft will release its new Surface device to the high street. However, particularly devoted customers may be able to snap up the tablet sooner rather than later by visiting their closest Microsoft store.
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Microsoft reports profit dip ahead of crucial Windows 8 launch

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 19, 2012
It’s that time of the year again. Public tech companies report their earnings for the previous quarter, and analysts and tech bloggers get to dissect them and compare them against predictions. Now it's Microsoft's turn.
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