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Microsoft stores are offering reservation cards for Surface launch day buyers

by: Tom WyattOctober 20, 2012
Come October 26th, Microsoft will release its new Surface device to the high street. However, particularly devoted customers may be able to snap up the tablet sooner rather than later by visiting their closest Microsoft store.
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Microsoft Surface phone could stimulate Windows Phone ecomony, says Nokia CEO

by: Andrew GrushOctober 18, 2012
Despite efforts from Microsoft and Nokia, Windows Phone has yet to really have much impact in the market. With the Microsoft Surface tablet causing a fair amount of buzz, many rumors suggest Microsoft could release their own Surface phone as well. Now Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has stepped up and said that he would welcome the idea of Microsoft having its own smartphone. The executive says it could promote and expand the Windows Phone ecosystem.
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Do you know the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT?

by: Simon HillOctober 18, 2012
Microsoft has trumpeted Windows 8, along with Windows Phone 8, as the realignment of its range to present a familiar experience across devices. So, what is the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT?
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Microsoft accidentally reveals the pricing of Surface with Windows RT: starts at $499

by: Gary SimsOctober 16, 2012
It looks like someone at Microsoft hit the wrong key because the company unexpectedly published a web page that showed the pricing of the Surface. It seems that Microsoft are trying to compete with the high end tablet makers as the the entry level tablet with 32GB of storage will cost $499. That is the same price as a third generation iPad but with only 16GB or an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" wth 4G LTE Wireless and the same 32GB. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which comes with a 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor and 2 GB RAM Memory, cost the same $499. There are also cheaper large screen Android tablets with SmartQ offering the dual-core T30, with 2GB of RAM and 10.1 inch - 1280 x 800 display [...]
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Is Google revamping the Nexus 7? 32GB and 3G-equipped models rumored for mid-October

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 5, 2012
More clues suggest that Google is gearing up to launch a refreshed version of the Nexus 7, that will supposedly feature 3G and 32GB of storage. With the iPad mini coming, Google pretty much has to make a move on the tablet front, if it wants to keep mindshare ahead of the crucial holiday season.
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Steve Ballmer pretty much confirms that the Surface will not cost $199

by: ŠtefanSeptember 17, 2012
Three months ago, Microsoft announced their response to the iPad. They called it the Surface. Forget about the specs and the hardware design for a second, the company failed to disclose two key pieces of information: When will consumers be able to buy it and how much is it going to cost?
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Competition in tablet market set to explode

by: Simon HillAugust 10, 2012
After a slow start to the year for tablet sales the second half of 2012 is set to be an epic battle between Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.
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Microsoft Surface release date set for October 26, to launch alongside Windows 8

by: Chris SmithJuly 30, 2012

Back in June, Microsoft held a special media event to unveil its Windows 8-running tablet. The Surface is meant to be the company’s first Windows tablet ready to challenge the iPad and all the Android tablets out there. But in the process, the device will also compete against similar computers made by other Windows PC makers out there.

In a way, the Surface is for Microsoft what the Nexus 7 is for Google, although the Surface is a high-end device compared with the Jelly Bean tablet whose main mission is to fend off the Kindle Fire threat in the Android tablet ecosystem.

While Microsoft showcased the main specs and features of the [...]

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Microsoft will not build its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone, says official

by: Mike AndriciJune 27, 2012

Shortly after Microsoft announced the Surface tablet last week, some pesky analysts have already begun spreading rumors that Microsoft might have also contracted a hardware manufacturer for creating a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, thus following the Google Nexus model.

Yesterday, all those rumors were put to rest by Greg Sullivan, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone: “No, we do not” Sullivan said.

But what’s really interesting is that Sullivan appeared to be more interested in reassuring Windows Phone hardware partners that Microsoft is still relying on them for the success of the WP platform: “We have a strong ecosystem of partners that we are very [...]

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Microsoft Surface Windows 8/RT tablets unveiled: specs, features, release date and pricing

by: Chris SmithJune 18, 2012

Microsoft on Monday unveiled its first tablets ever, a Windows 8 and a Windows RT machine that are both going to be known henceforward as Microsoft Surface. The name seems awfully familiar not only because an earlier report suggested the product will be called Xbox Surface, but also because the company has coined the “Surface” term long ago, although at the time it described a touch-based product that was about the same size of a tablet.

We have recently wondered what operating system the new Microsoft tablet will run, as some sources suggested the device may not be a Windows RT / Windows 8 product since it’s too early in the game to unveil [...]

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