The Chromebook Pixel project: day-to-day

Chromebook Pixel Hinge AA
by 1 year ago

If we’re going to consider this as a solo machine, we’ll have to tackle the issue of work productivity. If there is one compromise that simply can’t be made, it’s here. You can’t very well stop doing something just because a Chromebook won’t, but you may also be surprised at what is possible.

Microsoft takes aim at Gmail in first Outlook ad spot

microsoft outlook
by 1 year ago

With the imminent release of the Windows 8 OS, Microsoft is doing a major overhaul on its services. Next up on the chopping block is its Windows Live (or Hotmail) web-based e-mail client. In a move designed to distance itself from the Hotmail name, Microsoft announced today a public preview of the new Outlook e-mail client, which is not just a re-design of Hotmail, but a service built completely from the ground up. Many of you, like me, may have been surprised to be greeted with the new interface while trying to access your existing Hotmail account. The interface of Outlook is…

Microsoft Office mobile app for Android coming to Google Play on November 10?

by 2 years ago

There are plenty of apps in the Google Play store that let users access and edit Microsoft Office documents on their Android smartphones and tablets, not to mention Google’s own Google Docs suite, but we’re still waiting for Microsoft to finally launch the official Office suite for mobile devices. For some reason, the software company failed to release an Office version for iOS and Android devices, even though various independent developers created their own apps that let mobile device users work on their Office documents on the go. A new report from The Daily claims that work on the mobile…