Upcoming mid-range Samsung phone review

by 1 year ago

We know that Sammy leads when talking about sales of mid-range or entry-level phones, which is why it’s very nice to hear the Android king is looking to strengthen its position in those market niches. The guys at The Verge have been tipped from anonymous sources about no less than five new mid-rangers from Samsung.

MetroPCS launches US’ first commercially available VoLTE network

by 1 year ago

MetroPCS, the sixth largest wireless carrier in the US by number of current subscribers, has recently announced the launch of the “world’s first” commercial VoLTE network. For the time being, the only VoLTE capable handset is a modified version of the LG Connect 4G, but MetroPCS has promised to bring more VoLTE compatible smartphones to their offerings in the following weeks. Note that Sotuh Korea’s SK Telecom made a similar announcement just yesterday. The Koreans said that they would offer a VoLTE service starting today, so MetroPCS’s “world’s first” claim should be taken with a grain of salt. According to…

Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G is now official, up for sale at MetroPCS for $459

by 1 year ago

The Android guessing game is only charming when its protagonist is a high-end device of sorts, so it should come as no surprise that MetroPCS and Samsung have gone up and made the Galaxy S Lightray 4G official less than a week after the handheld’s first online leak mention. The 4.3-incher is already up for grabs for $459 with no contract, but, of course, you’ll need to sign up for a MetroPCS plan to actually be able to use the phone. The most affordable such plan is the $40 per month one, which offers unlimited talk, text and data, but…

MetroPCS plans for the rest of the year leaked, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S Lightray, Huawei Verge and others coming soon

Samsung Galaxy S3
by 1 year ago

MetroPCS might not be in the exact same league as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile, but the regional carrier has grown steadily in the last couple of years, attracting more and more customers. Based on a leaked roadmap, however, it seems like we ain’t seen nothing yet, and MetroPCS might be looking to seriously step it up by the end of the year. The carrier is planning to add no less than eight new smartphones to its portfolio in 2012, if the leak’s source proves accurate, and the leading name on the list is by far the Samsung Galaxy S3….

MetroPCS-bound Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G leaks, to be released in August

by 1 year ago

Dominating the high-end part of the smartphone world doesn’t seem to be enough for Samsung, which is constantly looking to strengthen its presence in the low-end and mid-range niches as well. One phone that could place itself right between these sectors is the Galaxy S Lightray 4G, supposedly headed to MetroPCS in August. The information comes via a Howard Forums leak and is not yet confirmed, but the fistful of high-quality “spilled” photos and the almost complete spec sheet guarantee that we’re not dealing with a bogus rumor. That said, the Galaxy S Lightray 4G seems like a pretty bizarre device,…

LG LS860 Cayenne goes full frontal in pictures, new Motion 4G might be MetroPCS- and AT&T-bound

by 2 years ago

We’ve reported on LG’s upcoming slider phone, the LS860, since late May. Little by little, details of the phone, which is also known as Cayenne, and its specs emerged. The only thing missing seems to be pictures of the handset out in the open – though not like this one right here, where only the back part is visible. Thanks to EV Leaks, we are now treated to a better view of the LG Cayenne. The LG Cayenne turns out to be quite the looker, as it sports enough curves not to make it too boxy-looking. The front part features…