Sprint may have competition in bidding for T-Mobile

by 1 week ago

With rumors of Sprint and T-Mobile finalizing a deal that would merge the two companies, rumors are now being revealed which hint at Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim being interested in purchasing T-Mobile. According to the Wall Street Journal, Slim recently received cash from his sale of shares of Am√©rica M√≥vil and currently owns an interest TracFone, a US prepaid wireless service that is the country’s fifth largest carrier. TracFone currently leases capacity in large cellular networks operators like AT&T and Sprint. Last week, America Movil announced that it was going to slash¬†its market share in Mexico from 70% to 50%…

T-Mobile expected to keep title of “fastest-growing” carrier

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by 1 week ago

BusinessInsider When T-Mobile announces their Q2 results at the end of the month, analysts¬†expect¬†T-Mobile to continue being the¬†“fastest-growing wireless company in the U.S.” According to TMONews, T-Mobile’s record¬†Q1 results showed¬†2.4 million net adds between January 1st and the end of March. Therefore, it should not be a surprise¬†to see T-Mobile not replicate that growth again. With¬†7% service-revenue growth, T-Mobile would¬†continue to keep the title as the fastest-growing wireless company in the country. Even with Sprint/T-Mobile merger details continuing to be leaked, it is becoming more difficult to argue that T-Mobile by itself is not quickly approaching AT&T and Verizon as…

If Sprint & T-Mobile merge, will prices be slashed?

by 1 month ago

According to some analysts, Sprint will be able to save up to $6.6 billion on a variety of costs if they are able to merge with T-Mobile. In order to achieve those savings, Sprint will also need to slash prices with deep discounts and most likely a decline in immediate revenue.

Sprint CEO & Chairman disagree about fixed LTE plans

by 1 month ago

One of Son’s biggest project has been his insistence that a merger with T-Mobile would allow Sprint to enter the home broadband market through fixed-LTE broadband space. Yet, this week, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse stated that offering a fixed LTE service is nowhere on Sprint’s horizon.

T-Mobile & Sprint close to $32 billion merger

by 1 month ago

Sprint & T-Mobile have agreed on the broad outlines of a merger valuing T-Mobile at around $32 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. Under the deal, Sprint would pay around $40 a share for T-Mobile during the summer time. The deal would be roughly 50% cash and 50% stock. T-Mobile’s largest shareholder, Germany’s Deutsche Telekom AG, would retain a stake of 15% to 20% in the new company.

Time Warner Cable, like Verizon, pushes LTE as a replacement for fixed broadband

Merger Scrutiny
by 2 months ago

If allowed to merge, Comcast would therefore controls nearly 40 percent of the U.S. broadband market and provide cable to almost a third of American homes. But of course, Comcast and Time Warner Cable say that this is not anti-competitive and is in the public interest. Time Warner Cable CEO Robert Marcus One listed so-called competitors of Comcast and Time Warner Cable and put mobile networks high on the list