Meizu MX2

Although the Meizu MX2 doesn’t launch until November 17th in Beijing, we already seem know quite a bit about the upcoming smartphone. Not only is it believed to have quad-core power under the hood, we now have a new leak that suggests the MX2 will start at just 2599 yuan,or about $417, for the 16GB version.

Meizu MX Quad

While waiting for Huawei and ZTE’s high-end phones, considered by many as possible game changers for the global smartphone market, another Chinese manufacturer is making its own push in the mobile technology world. Meizu, an almost completely unknown manufacturer in Europe and the US, unveiled the MX Quad-core a couple of months back and now the phone is already set to start selling. As you might imagine, Chinese tech users will be the first to enjoy the new handheld’s release, but it might not be long until we’ll be seeing the MX Quad hit other parts of the world as well….

meizu mx re

The official description of the Meizu MX reads “stunningly beautiful”. Okay, maybe it’s not stunningly beautiful (I haven’t seen a truly stunning device yet), but I do consider it to be a beautiful smartphone. Not the most original in the world (it’s kind of an iPhone clone) or the slimmest (a Chinese obsession apparently), but certainly appealing to the eye. Now, the Meizu MX is not a case of beauty without brains. The dual-core Cortex A9 inside is powerful enough to be considered future proof for a couple of years. And the rest of the specs are nothing to be…

Flyme OS 1.0

The global migration to Android 4.0 has been plagued with delays since its announcement, with network carrier testing and UI (such as HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz) compatibility being major issues. Over the last few weeks, the rollout has been picking up speed, and now Meizu, the Chinese smartphone specialist, is joining the ICS party. The Meizu MX Quad-core, expected to be available in June, will arrive with with Meizu’s own customized-Android 4.0 version, styled as Flyme. The Chinese company announced today that the Flyme 1.0 update will be rolled out to the Meizu M9 and MX in June, bringing its…


Chinese manufacturer Meizu has announced that it will ship its first quad-core smartphone this June. Styled as the Meizu MX Quad-core, the flagship phone will be the first in the world to use Samsung’s Exynos A9 chip and its 32nm HKMG technology. Although Meizu didn’t specify the clock speed of the processor, speed junkies need not worry, because Meizu claims that the CPU will be 60% faster than the dual-core variant of the Meizu MX, with the GPU receiving a 50% performance boost. The power-efficient Exynos A9 chip on the Meizu MX Quad-core also means that the phone will draw less…