Honeycomb tablets are designed for stunning visuals, there’s no doubt about that. The powerful graphics chipsets, large HD-capable screens and even surround sound capability make them ideal for watching trailers, videos and shows. Not only that, it’s handy enough to be used as an ebook reader and then some. Here are a few of the best media and entertainment apps for your Android tablet. Featured image from Pyronixcore Videos 1. MoboPlayer (free) Plays everything and anything you can throw it. It’s the best media player for Android, and for Honeycomb as well. Definitely something you need to install on your tablet….


Android tablets maybe dime-a-dozen – but they’re always in the seven- to ten-inch range. This is because these sizes are usually the best range to read books or watch movies. The only five-inch tablet on the market is the Dell Streak – which is a bit of an anomaly. Well, here’s another one. Latte Communications has just announced that they’re releasing the ICE Smart, a 5-inch Android device that’s technically a tablet – but blurs the lines between a smartphones and tablets. No making calls on it, but with its small form factor and cheap price, it’s closer to Apple’s…

Anyone looking to purchase the Archos 32, an 8GB media player running Android?  It seems someone accidentally posted the new Personal Media Player a bit early, before removing it, but we still managed to get the details on this unannounced product.  The Archos 32 will offer a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 8GB of storage for media files, 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity, a built-in camera, Bluetooth, a web browser, and Android 2.1 as the operating system.  The media player is expected to be offered for $147.00. [via Engadget]

So the Samsung Galaxy S original shown here to the right is…err, wait. This look-a-like is the new Samsung YP-MB2 Media Player, competitor to the iPod Touch and kindred spirit of the Galaxy S smartphone. So, to be clear, this is not another variant of the Galaxy S series. Indeed, it is not a smartphone at all. Despite the fact that this looks the same, even has the Android 2.1 OS skinned with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, it is just a media device. So what will this media device provide you with? Expect a 1GHz processor, Wi-Fi, FM radio, DMB TV,…