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Over half of all the Android devices in the world have unpatched security vulnerabilities

by: Gary SimsSeptember 14, 2012
In the Apple ecosystem it is the engineers at Cupertino who fix and supply updates to iOS for everyone, all over the world, all at the same time. But in the Android ecosystem, Google made a change to the code and then that has to filter through to the carriers and/or the manufacturers, who then publish updates for the phones. Do you think the carriers and manufacturers are abandoning customers with older phones and leaving them open to attacks by hackers?
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Virtually all new mobile malware is aimed at Android

by: Gary SimsSeptember 5, 2012
The worldwide malware situation is getting worse and Android isn't immune! According to the McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012, Q2 saw the biggest increase in all types of malware in the last four years. Over the period, 1.5 million new pieces of malware were detected and new mobile threats have been discovered.
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TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security: Protection against threats and theft

by: Carl ParkerAugust 28, 2012

Mobile security is one of the essential things you have to keep in mind when getting a new Android phone or tablet, or even when you have older gadgets with you. Adding layers and layers of security won’t hurt; it may instead greatly benefit you. Among the number of antivirus and mobile security apps you can find in the Google Play Store, one will definitely impress you with its extensive usability. That app is Antivirus & Mobile Security by TrustGo Mobile Incorporated.

Antivirus & Mobile Security protects your Android device from any harmful malware and viruses and lets you be aware of apps that have suspicious permissions that may jeopardize your [...]

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Kaspersky: Number of malicious Android apps tripled in Q2 2012

by: AdrianAugust 17, 2012
The latest Kaspersky Lab report about Android malware is again sounding the alarm, as if the company’s warning over ZitMo attacks from last week wasn’t enough. According to the Moscow-based security firm, the number of new malicious programs targeting the Android platform has almost tripled during the second fiscal quarter of 2012.
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Android malware found in seemingly legit versions of Opera Mini, Angry Birds. Always check permissions!

by: J. Angelo RacomaAugust 4, 2012

There is a new generation of Android malware, and authors are increasingly becoming sophisticated with their social engineering capabilities. According to security companies, there is a trend among malware makers that involves using hacked versions of real apps to deliver a malicious payload.

There are about 20,000 malicious Android apps in circulation, says Trend Micro. And about 13 million phones worldwide have been infected, says Chinese security firm NetQin. A big part of these involve remotely controlling smartphones into sending premium text messages, as well as spamming the phones’ inboxes with junk messages.

Real apps with real payloads

The [...]

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The end of notification spam? Google exerts tighter security and ad policy on Google Play

by: Bams SadewoAugust 1, 2012

With several cases of malware-ridden apps surfacing on Google Play, Google is updating its developer program policies to make the digital playground a somewhat safer place to hangout. In its own words, it is shaming “unhealthy behavior” shown by irresponsible developers that use deceptive app names and spammy notifications, among others.

Google is now restricting the use of names or icons that appear similar to existing system apps or existing products. This should help ensure that users won’t be duped into downloading a fake app like the imaginary Infinity Blade 2.

The list of “dangerous products” that won’t be allowed on Google Play is now laid out in greater [...]

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A-GPS vulnerability could let hackers track your location, take over your phone

by: Mike AndriciJuly 31, 2012

As the global adoption of smartphones has reached impressive levels during the past couple of years or so (with absolutely no sign of stopping anytime soon), it is surely not surprising to see that hackers have turned their evil eye towards exploiting the various weaknesses of your favorite mobile device. But although in the past we’ve talked how hackers exploit various soft spots in the OS, it turns out that attackers can actually use underlying technologies to get access to private information.

According to Ralf-Philipp Weimann, a researcher at the University of Luxembourg, Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is one of the technologies that hides such vulnerabilities. Just so that [...]

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Fake Infinity Blade 2 app briefly live on Google Play – do we need some (tiny) walls for our garden?

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 31, 2012

Another blemish on the reputation of the Google Play Store – a fake Infinity Blade 2 app went live on the Play store on July 28, and accrued more than 1000 downloads before being taken down.

The fake application, a 2.2 MB APK, prompted users to earn 50 points on Tapjoy (paid ad clicks) in order to unlock the full game download. Some users reported that the download never became available, while others said that the 1.03GB file was just “junk”.

The app was published by “2011 Chair Entertainment Group LLC” (the developer of the real iOS game is Chair Entertainment Group, LLC) and used the official branding and copy of the iOS game. It is unclear what the purpose [...]

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DARPA-funded app shows you the security holes on your Android device

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 24, 2012

A new Android application, developed with funding from DARPA, aims to show users precisely what security holes there are on their Android devices.

Called X-Ray, the app was created by Duo Security, and is now available for download at as a standalone APK. What X-Ray does is analyze your Android system and look for known vulnerabilities, including privilege escalation bugs. According to X-Ray,

“Such vulnerabilities can be exploited by a malicious application to gain root privileges on a device and perform actions that would normally be restricted by the Android operating system. A number of such vulnerabilities have been discovered in the core Android [...]

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FireLeaker malware puts Android users’ privacy in jeopardy

by: Gary SimsJuly 23, 2012

A new piece of malware, dubbed FireLeaker, has been found by NQ Mobile’s Security Research Center. Unlike other types of malware, which send premium rate SMS message or install a keylogger to try and steal password and banking information, FireLeaker wants your contacts and system information.

What FireLeaker does is collect your contacts and then uploads them to a remote server. The precise reason for this data stealing isn’t yet known, but most likely the information will either be sold on to e-mail spammers, who will bombard people in your address book with all kinds of unsavory and strange offers; or it will [...]

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